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Type of school: Private, 200 Greenhorn Road, Yreka
Director: Rev. Joshua Hill

Type of school: Private, Highway 89 & I-5, Mt. Shasta
Director: Mrs. Christina Carr

Type of school: Private, 13005 North Highway 3, Fort Jones
Director: Mrs. Laura Dysert

Type of school: Private, 756 South Weed Boulevard, Weed
Director: Mrs. Kim Jenkins

Type of school: Private, 346 Payne Lane, Yreka
Director: Mr. Albert Miller

Type of school: Private, 118 Siskiyou Avenue, Mount Shasta

Type of school: Charter, 2405 South Mount Shasta Boulevard, Suite 3, Mount Shasta
Director: Shelly Shelly Blakely,

Type of school: Public, 269 Sharps Lane, Yreka
Director: Constance Constance McCoy,

Type of school: Public, 609 South Gold Street, Yreka
Director: ,

Type of school: Public, 7405 Highway A-12, Montague
Director: Jim Jim Pindell,

Type of school: Public, 24512 Edgewood Road, Edgewood
Director: Todd Todd Clark,

Type of school: Public, 1420 Delphic Road, Montague
Director: Debbie Debbie Faulkner,

Type of school: Public, 5805 High School Way, Dunsmuir
Director: Ray Ray Kellar,

Type of school: Public, 5805 High School Way, Dunsmuir
Director: Ray Ray Kellar,

Type of school: Public, 25305 Gazelle-Callahan Road, Gazelle
Director: Kassidy Kassidy Salters,

Type of school: Public, 15430 Oregon Road 15430 Oregon Road, Hornbrook
Director: Josh Josh Peete,

Type of school: Public, 30438 Walker Road, Horse Creek
Director: Mark Mark Greenfield,

Type of school: Public, 601 East Alma Street, Mount Shasta
Director: Kale Kale Riccomini,

Type of school: Public, 501 Cedar Street, Mount Shasta
Director: Leeanna Leeanna Rizzo,

Type of school: Public, 575 White Avenue, Weed
Director: Alisa Alisa Cummings,

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