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  FAME Public Charter
  Envision Academy for Arts & Technology
  Aspire California College Preparatory Academy
  Community School for Creative Education
  Yu Ming Charter
  Urban Montessori Charter
  Cox Academy
  Lazear Charter Academy
  Nea Community Learning Center
  The Academy of Alameda
  Alameda Community Learning Center
  Alternatives in Action
  REALM Charter Middle
  REALM Charter High
  Circle of Independent Learning
  Leadership Public Schools - Hayward
  Impact Academy of Arts & Technology
  Golden Oak Montessori of Hayward
  Knowledge Enlightens You (KEY) Academy
  Silver Oak High Public Montessori Charter
  Livermore Valley Charter
  Oakland Unity High
  East Oakland Leadership Academy
  Bay Area Technology
  Lighthouse Community Charter High
  Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy
  Achieve Academy
  American Indian Public High
  American Indian Public Charter School II
  Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts
  Oakland Charter High
  KIPP Bridge Charter
  ARISE High
  Civicorps Corpsmember Academy
  Learning Without Limits
  Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy
  Aspire ERES Academy
  Vincent Academy
  LPS Oakland R & D Campus
  Aspire College Academy
  Epic Charter
  Downtown Charter Academy
  East Bay Innovation Academy
  Oakland Military Institute, College Preparatory Academy
  Lighthouse Community Charter
  Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy
  Aspire Triumph Technology Academy
  Oakland School for the Arts
  Oakland Charter Academy
  American Indian Public Charter
  Aspire Monarch Academy
  North Oakland Community Charter
  KIPP Summit Academy
  KIPP King Collegiate High
  Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory High
  Shenandoah Valley
  CORE Butte Charter
  Learning Community Charter
  Nord Country
  Forest Ranch Charter
  Inspire School of Arts and Sciences
  Sherwood Montessori
  Wildflower Open Classroom
  Chico Country Day
  Blue Oak Charter
  Ipakanni Early College Charter
  Pivot Charter School North Valley
  STREAM Charter
  Achieve Charter School of Paradise Inc.
  Paradise eLearning Academy
  Hometech Charter
  Paradise Charter Middle
  Children's Community Charter
  Mountain Oaks
  Making Waves Academy
  Caliber: Beta Academy
  Summit Public School K2
  Clayton Valley Charter High
  Antioch Charter Academy II
  Antioch Charter Academy
  Vista Oaks Charter
  Eagle Peak Montessori
  Leadership Public Schools: Richmond
  Richmond College Preparatory
  Richmond Charter Academy
  Richmond Charter Elementary-Benito Juarez
  Manzanita Middle
  Uncharted Shores Academy
  Castle Rock
  Charter Alternative Program (CAP)
  Charter Community School Home Study Academy
  Rite of Passage
  Charter Montessori Blue Oak Campus
  California Montessori Project-Shingle Springs Campus
  Rising Sun Montessori
  Camino Science and Natural Resources Charter
  EDUHSD Virtual Academy at Shenandoah
  American River Charter
  Crescent View West Charter
  Hume Lake Charter
  Big Picture High School - Fresno
  New Spirit Charter Academy
  Edison-Bethune Charter Academy
  Alvina Elementary Charter
  Clovis Online Charter
  Valley Preparatory Academy Charter
  Valley Arts and Science Academy (VASA)
  Sierra Charter
  University High
  Morris E. Dailey Charter Elementary
  Kepler Neighborhood
  School of Unlimited Learning
  Carter G. Woodson Public Charter
  Ronald W. Reagan Elementary
  Island Community Day
  Lincoln Elementary
  Roosevelt Elementary
  Washington Elementary
  Rafer Johnson Junior High
  Kingsburg Community Charter Extension
  Dunlap Leadership Academy
  Reedley Middle College High
  National University Academy - Orange Center
  California Virtual Academy @ Fresno
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Fresno
  Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez Public Charter
  Hallmark Charter
  Quail Lake Environmental Charter
  Sanger Academy Charter
  West Park Charter Academy
  Crescent View South Charter
  Opportunities For Learning - Fresno
  W. E. B. DuBois Public Charter
  Walden Academy
  Success One!
  Conservation Corps of Long Beach Gateway Cities Charter
  William Finch
  Northcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy
  Fuente Nueva Charter
  Union Street Charter
  Redwood Coast Montessori
  Coastal Grove Charter
  Six Rivers Charter High
  Laurel Tree Charter
  Freshwater Charter Middle
  Jacoby Creek
  Pacific View Charter
  Trillium Charter
  Alder Grove Charter
  South Bay Charter
  Mattole Valley Charter (#159)
  Redwood Preparatory Charter
  Ballington Academy for the Arts and Sciences
  Imagine Schools at Imperial Valley
  Imperial Valley Home School Academy
  YouthBuild Charter School of California
  YouthBuild Charter School of California Central
  The Education Corps
  College Bridge Academy
  Paramount Academy
  Grimmway Academy
  Valley Oaks Charter
  Nueva Vista Language Academy
  Cecil Avenue Math and Science Academy
  Del Vista Math and Science Academy
  Kern Workforce 2000 Academy
  California Virtual Academy @ Maricopa
  California Virtual Academy High @ Maricopa
  Peak to Peak Mountain Charter
  Ridgecrest Charter
  Crossroads Charter
  California Virtual Academy @ Kings
  National University Academy, Armona
  Jefferson Charter Academy
  Island Elementary
  Kings River-Hardwick Elementary
  Mid Valley Alternative Charter
  Lemoore University Elementary Charter
  Lemoore Middle College High
  Frontier Elementary
  Pioneer Elementary
  Pioneer Middle
  Intermountain STEM Academy Charter
  Lake County International Charter
  California Connections Academy @ North Bay
  Juniper Ridge Virtual Academy Charter
  New Day Academy
  Long Valley Charter
  Westwood Charter
  Mt. Lassen Charter
  Jardin de la Infancia
  Aspire Antonio Maria Lugo Academy
  Academia Avance Charter
  Los Angeles International Charter High
  Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy
  Environmental Charter Middle
  Celerity Sirius Charter
  Westchester Secondary Charter
  Environmental Charter Middle - Inglewood
  Optimist Charter
  Soledad Enrichment Action Charter High
  Odyssey Charter
  Los Angeles County Online High
  Academies of the Antelope Valley
  Desert Sands Charter
  Opportunities For Learning - Baldwin Park II
  Opportunities for Learning - Baldwin Park
  Options for Youth-Burbank Charter
  Family First Charter
  New Opportunities Charter
  Opportunities for Learning - Duarte
  Gorman Learning Center
  Hawthorne Math and Science Academy
  Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
  Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter Middle
  Today's Fresh Start Charter School Inglewood
  ICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter Academy
  ICEF Inglewood Middle Charter Academy
  Children of Promise Preparatory Academy
  Grace Hopper STEM Academy
  Animo Inglewood Charter High
  La Tijera K-8 Academy of Excellence
  Life Source International Charter
  iLEAD Lancaster Charter
  Environmental Charter High
  Lennox Mathematics, Science and Technology Academy
  Century Community Charter
  Century Academy for Excellence
  Animo Leadership High
  Intellectual Virtues Academy of Long Beach
  New City
  N.E.W. Academy of Science and Arts
  Stella Middle Charter Academy
  High Tech LA
  Accelerated Elementary Charter
  Wallis Annenberg High
  North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy
  Central City Value
  KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory
  View Park Preparatory Accelerated High
  KIPP Academy of Opportunity
  Crenshaw Arts-Technology Charter High
  Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High
  Renaissance Arts Academy
  Ocean Charter
  PUC Milagro Charter
  Animo South Los Angeles Charter
  PUC Lakeview Charter Academy
  N.E.W. Academy Canoga Park
  Dr. Theo. T. Alexander Jr., Science Center
  New Designs Charter
  Ivy Academia
  Synergy Charter Academy
  Camino Nuevo Charter High
  Animo Venice Charter High
  Animo Pat Brown
  Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex
  Bert Corona Charter
  Port of Los Angeles High
  CHAMPS - Charter HS of Arts-Multimedia & Performing
  Gabriella Charter
  Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High
  Celerity Nascent Charter
  Larchmont Charter
  Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High
  PUC CA Academy for Liberal Studies Early College High
  James Jordan Middle
  Our Community Charter
  Los Angeles Academy of Arts & Enterprise Charter
  New Heights Charter
  New Village Girls Academy
  Alliance Patti And Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy
  Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High
  Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle
  Animo Ralph Bunche High
  Animo Jackie Robinson High
  Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy
  Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex
  Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science
  Hesby Oaks Leadership Charter
  PUC Triumph Academy
  PUC Excel Charter Academy
  Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter Middle
  Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts
  Garr Academy of Math and Entrepreneurial Studies
  Frederick Douglass Academy Middle
  Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy
  Frederick Douglass Academy High
  Student Empowerment Academy
  Aspire Junior Collegiate Academy
  Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter Middle
  Global Education Academy
  Magnolia Science Academy 3
  Fenton Primary Center
  Ivy Bound Academy of Math, Science, and Technology Charter Middle
  Center for Advanced Learning
  Magnolia Science Academy 2
  Discovery Charter Preparatory No. 2
  ICEF Vista Middle Academy
  Celerity Dyad Charter
  Celerity Troika Charter
  Alliance Media Arts and Entertainment Design High
  Enadia Technology Enriched Charter
  APEX Academy
  Alliance Health Services Academy High
  Alliance Environmental Science and Technology High
  New Los Angeles Charter
  Magnolia Science Academy 4
  Magnolia Science Academy 5
  Magnolia Science Academy 6
  Magnolia Science Academy 7
  Para Los Ninos Middle
  Synergy Kinetic Academy
  KIPP Raices Academy
  New Millennium Secondary
  ICEF Vista Elementary Academy
  Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter Elementary
  Frederick Douglass Academy Elementary
  Aspire Huntington Park Charter
  Goethe International Charter
  Alain Leroy Locke College Prep Academy
  PUC Santa Rosa Charter Academy
  Equitas Academy Charter
  Endeavor College Preparatory Charter
  Valor Academy Middle
  Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4
  Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 5
  PUC Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy
  New Designs Charter School-Watts
  Academia Moderna
  Aspire Titan Academy
  Watts Learning Center Charter Middle
  Westside Innovative School House
  Ararat Charter
  Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 7
  Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High
  Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High
  KIPP Empower Academy
  KIPP Comienza Community Prep
  Crown Preparatory Academy
  TEACH Academy of Technologies
  Animo Jefferson Charter Middle
  Animo Westside Charter Middle
  Citizens of the World Charter Hollywood
  Camino Nuevo Elementary No. 3
  PUC Triumph Charter High
  PUC Lakeview Charter High
  Aspire Gateway Academy
  Aspire Firestone Academy
  Para Los Ninos - Evelyn Thurman Gratts Primary
  Celerity Octavia Charter
  Aspire Pacific Academy
  Vista Charter Middle
  Magnolia Science Academy Bell
  Valley Charter Elementary
  Los Angeles Big Picture High
  Valley Charter Middle
  Camino Nuevo Academy #2
  Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High
  Alliance College-Ready Academy High 16
  Arts In Action Community Charter
  Celerity Palmati Charter
  Celerity Cardinal Charter
  Animo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle
  Animo James B. Taylor Charter Middle
  Animo Western Charter Middle
  Animo Phillis Wheatley Charter Middle
  Extera Public
  Rise Kohyang Middle
  Synergy Quantum Academy
  Aspire Slauson Academy Charter
  Aspire Juanita Tate Academy Charter
  Aspire Inskeep Academy Charter
  Los Angeles Leadership Primary Academy
  Camino Nuevo Charter Academy No. 4
  Animo College Preparatory Academy
  Alliance Renee and Meyer Luskin Academy High
  PUC Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (ECALS)
  Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy High
  KIPP Philosophers Academy
  KIPP Scholar Academy
  KIPP Sol Academy
  USC Hybrid High
  Apple Academy Charter Public
  City Charter Middle
  Math and Science College Preparatory
  Equitas Academy Charter #2
  Citizens of the World 2
  Academy of Science and Engineering
  Citizens of the World 3
  Aspire Centennial College Preparatory Academy
  Alliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High
  KIPP Iluminar Academy
  Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance
  Pathways Community
  City Language Immersion Charter
  Valor Academy High
  Camino Nuevo High No. 2
  PREPA TEC - Los Angeles
  Metro Charter
  Ingenium Charter Middle
  Lashon Academy
  Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 8
  Alliance Kory Hunter Middle
  Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 12
  Global Education Academy Middle
  Extera Public School No. 2
  New Horizons Charter Academy
  Ivy Bound Academy Math, Science, and Technology Charter Middle #2
  KIPP Academy of Innovation
  Animo Mae Jemison Charter Middle
  Westside Innovative School House Charter Middle
  KIPP Vida Preparatory Academy
  PUC Inspire Charter Academy
  PUC Community Charter Elementary
  TEACH Tech Charter High
  Clemente Charter
  Global Education Academy 2
  Everest Value
  Village Charter Academy
  Community Preparatory Academy
  Birmingham Community Charter High
  Chatsworth Charter High
  Grover Cleveland Charter High
  El Camino Real Charter High
  Granada Hills Charter High
  William Howard Taft Charter High
  Palisades Charter High
  Los Angeles Leadership Academy
  Beckford Charter for Enriched Studies
  Calabash Charter Academy
  Calahan Community Charter
  Calvert Charter for Enriched Studies
  Canyon Charter Elementary
  Carpenter Community Charter
  Chandler Learning Academy
  Colfax Charter Elementary
  Darby Avenue Charter
  Dearborn Elementary Charter Academy
  Dixie Canyon Community Charter
  El Oro Way Charter For Enriched Studies
  Emelita Academy Charter
  Encino Charter Elementary
  Fenton Avenue Charter
  Germain Academy For Academic Achievement
  Granada Community Charter
  Hamlin Charter Academy
  Justice Street Academy Charter
  Knollwood Preparatory Academy
  Lockhurst Drive Charter Elementary
  Marquez Charter
  Montague Charter Academy
  Nestle Avenue Charter
  Palisades Charter Elementary
  Pacoima Charter Elementary
  Plainview Academic Charter Academy
  Pomelo Community Charter
  Riverside Drive Charter Elementary
  Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter
  Serrania Avenue Charter For Enriched Studies
  Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter
  Superior Street Elementary
  Topanga Elementary Charter
  Topeka Charter School For Advanced Studies
  Van Gogh Charter
  Vaughn Next Century Learning Center
  Welby Way Elementary Charter
  Westwood Charter Elementary
  Wilbur Charter For Enriched Academics
  Woodlake Elementary Community Charter
  Woodland Hills Elementary Charter For Enriched Studies
  Emerson Community Charter
  Robert A. Millikan Middle
  Paul Revere Charter Middle
  George Ellery Hale Charter Academy
  Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle
  Castlebay Lane Charter
  Community Magnet Charter Elementary
  Open Charter Magnet
  Watts Learning Center
  PUC Community Charter Middle and PUC Community Charter Early College High
  View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter
  Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
  PUC California Academy for Liberal Studies
  Multicultural Learning Center
  CHIME Institute's Schwarzenegger Community
  Downtown Value
  Xinaxcalmecac Academia Semillas del Pueblo
  Magnolia Science Academy
  Puente Charter
  Para Los Ninos Charter
  View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter Middle
  Antelope Valley Learning Academy
  Palmdale Aerospace Academy
  Guidance Charter
  Aveson Global Leadership Academy
  Aveson School of Leaders
  Pasadena Rosebud Academy
  Learning Works
  Pasadena Rosebud Academy Middle
  School of Extended Educational Options
  La Verne Science and Technology Charter
  California Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles
  Insight @ Los Angeles
  San Jose Charter Academy
  Mission View Public
  Santa Clarita Valley International
  Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts and Sciences
  Opportunities for Learning - Santa Clarita
  iQ Academy California-Los Angeles
  Rowland Heights Charter Academy
  Options for Youth San Gabriel
  Assurance Learning Academy
  Albert Einstein Academy Elementary
  SCALE Leadership Academy
  Inspire Charter School
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Los Angeles (K-8)
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Los Angeles (9-12)
  Valley Prep 9-12
  Valley Prep K-5
  Valley Prep 6-8
  Mosaica Online Academy of Los Angeles
  Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts & Sciences - Aqua Dulce Partnership Academy
  SIATech Academy South
  New West Charter
  School of Arts and Enterprise
  Lifeline Education Charter
  Barack Obama Charter
  Ingenium Charter
  Today's Fresh Start Charter
  Da Vinci Science
  Da Vinci Design
  Da Vinci Innovation Academy
  Da Vinci Communications High
  Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory High School of North America
  Madera County Independent Academy
  Pioneer Technical Center
  Yosemite-Wawona Elementary Charter
  Sherman Thomas Charter
  Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy
  Sherman Thomas Charter High
  Minarets Charter High
  Glacier High School Charter
  Mountain Home Charter (Alternative)
  Phoenix Academy
  Novato Charter
  Willow Creek Academy
  Sierra Foothill Charter
  Pacific Community Charter
  Three Rivers Charter
  Eel River Charter
  River Oak Charter
  Redwood Academy of Ukiah
  Accelerated Achievement Academy
  Tree of Life Charter
  La Vida Charter
  Willits Elementary Charter
  Willits Charter
  Merced Scholars Charter
  Green Valley Charter
  Urban Corps of San Diego County Charter
  California Heritage Youthbuild Academy
  Orange County Conservation Corps Charter
  Monterey Bay Charter
  Bay View Academy
  Millennium Charter High
  Monterey County Home Charter
  Oasis Charter Public
  Dual Language Academy of the Monterey Peninsula
  Learning for Life Charter
  International School of Monterey
  Big Sur Charter
  Stone Bridge
  Napa Valley Language Academy
  River Charter
  Bitney College Preparatory High
  Yuba River Charter
  Nevada City School of the Arts
  Sierra Montessori Academy
  Forest Charter
  Twin Ridges Home Study Charter
  EPIC de Cesar Chavez
  Muir Charter
  Chicago Park Community Charter
  Grass Valley Charter
  Nevada City Charter
  Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning
  Union Hill Elementary
  Union Hill Charter Home
  Vantage Point Charter
  The Academy
  Capistrano Connections Academy
  Community Roots Academy
  Oxford Preparatory Academy - South Orange County
  Opportunities for Learning - Capistrano
  Santiago Middle
  El Rancho Charter
  Edward B. Cole Academy
  Nova Academy
  Orange County Educational Arts Academy
  El Sol Santa Ana Science and Arts Academy
  Ralph A. Gates Elementary
  Magnolia Science Academy Santa Ana
  CORE Placer Charter
  Placer County Pathways Charter
  Bowman Charter
  Alta Vista Community Charter
  EV Cain 21st Century STEM Charter
  Loomis Basin Charter
  John Adams Academy
  Newcastle Charter
  Creekside Charter
  Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter/Placer Academy
  Newcastle Virtual Learning Academy
  Squaw Valley Preparatory
  Rocklin Academy Gateway
  Weimar Hills Charter
  Sierra Expeditionary Learning
  Partnerships for Student-Centered Learning
  Horizon Charter
  Rocklin Academy at Meyers Street
  Maria Montessori Charter Academy
  Western Sierra Collegiate Academy
  Rocklin Independent Charter Academy
  Rocklin Academy
  Plumas Charter
  River Springs Charter
  Riverside County Education Academy
  Imagine Schools, Riverside County
  Come Back Kids
  Gateway College and Career Academy
  Highland Academy
  George Washington Charter
  Palm Desert Charter Middle
  Western Center Academy
  College Prep High
  Santa Rosa Academy
  Moreno Valley Community Learning Center
  Pivot Charter School Riverside County
  Excel Prep Charter - IE
  Nuview Bridge Early College High
  Cielo Vista Charter
  Innovative Horizons Charter
  California Military Institute
  REACH Leadership Academy
  San Jacinto Valley Academy
  NOVA Academy - Coachella
  Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural Arts
  Temecula Preparatory
  Temecula Valley Charter
  California Montessori Project - Elk Grove Campus
  Elk Grove Charter
  Alpha Charter
  Folsom Cordova K-8 Community Charter
  Delta Elementary Charter
  Paseo Grande Charter
  St. HOPE Public School 7
  Sol Aureus College Preparatory
  New Technology High
  George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science
  The MET
  Sacramento Charter High
  Aspire Capitol Heights Academy
  The Language Academy of Sacramento
  California Montessori Project - Capitol Campus
  Yav Pem Suab Academy - Preparing for the Future Charter
  Capitol Collegiate Academy
  Oak Park Preparatory Academy
  New Joseph Bonnheim (NJB) Community Charter
  Bowling Green Elementary
  California Montessori Project-San Juan Campus
  Golden Valley Charter School of Sacramento
  Aspire Alexander Twilight College Preparatory Academy
  Aspire Alexander Twilight Secondary Academy
  Gateway International
  Options for Youth-San Juan
  Visions In Education
  San Juan Choices Charter
  Global Youth Charter
  Antelope View Charter
  Westlake Charter
  Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep
  Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep Middle
  Westlake Charter Middle
  Leroy Greene Academy
  Natomas Charter
  Community Outreach Academy
  Futures High
  Heritage Peak Charter
  Creative Connections Arts Academy
  Community Collaborative Charter
  Higher Learning Academy
  SAVA: Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy
  Highlands Community Charter
  Smythe Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Westside Preparatory Charter
  Hollister Prep
  Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy
  Alta Vista Public
  Taylion High Desert Academy/Adelanto
  Desert Trails Preparatory Academy
  Oxford Preparatory Academy - Chino Valley
  Academy of Careers and Exploration
  Empire Springs Charter
  Independence Charter Academy
  Alta Vista South Public Charter
  Hope Academy Charter
  Mojave River Academy
  Riverside Preparatory
  ASA Charter
  Public Safety Academy
  Casa Ramona Academy for Technology, Community, and Education
  SOAR Charter Academy
  New Vision Middle
  Options for Youth-San Bernardino
  Excel Prep Charter
  Hardy Brown College Prep
  Taft T. Newman Leadership Academy
  Woodward Leadership Academy
  Center For Learning and Educational Success
  Provisional Accelerated Learning Academy
  Sixth Street Prep
  Mountain View Montessori Charter
  Options for Youth-Victorville Charter
  Excelsior Charter
  Inland Leaders Charter
  Competitive Edge Charter Academy (CECA)
  Summit Leadership Academy-High Desert
  Pathways to College
  Mirus Secondary
  Encore Jr./Sr. High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
  LaVerne Elementary Preparatory Academy
  Sky Mountain Charter
  Academy for Academic Excellence
  Literacy First Charter
  Endeavour Academy
  Juan Bautista de Anza
  Oxford Preparatory Academy
  Diego Springs Academy
  EJE Elementary Academy Charter
  EJE Middle Academy
  Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter
  Howard Gardner Community Charter
  Feaster (Mae L.) Charter
  Mueller Charter (Robert L.)
  Discovery Charter
  Chula Vista Learning Community Charter
  Arroyo Vista Charter
  Coronado Pathways Charter
  Diego Hills Charter
  The Heights Charter
  Community Montessori Charter
  Mosaica Online Academy of Southern California
  Dehesa Charter
  Heritage K-8 Charter
  Heritage Digital Academy Charter Middle
  Classical Academy
  Classical Academy High
  Escondido Charter High
  Steele Canyon High
  Helix High
  Greater San Diego Academy
  Diego Valley Charter
  Harbor Springs Charter
  Beacon Classical Academy Elementary Charter
  Julian Charter
  National University Academy
  River Valley Charter
  Barona Indian Charter
  San Diego Neighborhood Homeschools
  College Preparatory Middle
  San Diego Virtual
  Pivot Charter School - San Diego
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: El Cajon Elementary (K-5)
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: El Cajon Middle and High (6-12)
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Del Mar Elementary (K-5)
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Del Mar Middle & High (6-12)
  County Collaborative Charter
  Integrity Charter
  High Tech Middle
  KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy
  High Tech High International
  Learning Choice Academy
  High Tech Middle Media Arts
  Iftin Charter
  High Tech High Media Arts
  King-Chavez Arts Academy
  King-Chavez Athletics Academy
  Magnolia Science Academy San Diego
  Albert Einstein Academy Charter Middle
  King-Chavez Preparatory Academy
  Health Sciences High
  Arroyo Paseo Charter High
  Urban Discovery Academy Charter
  Innovations Academy
  King-Chavez Community High
  Gompers Preparatory Academy
  Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning
  San Diego Global Vision Academy
  Coleman Tech Charter High
  Old Town Academy K-8 Charter
  America's Finest Charter
  City Heights Preparatory Charter
  San Diego Global Vision Academy Middle
  Epiphany Prep Charter
  Kavod Elementary Charter
  e3 Civic High
  San Diego Cooperative Charter School 2
  Health Sciences Middle
  Laurel Preparatory Academy
  Empower Charter
  Elevate Elementary
  Charter School of San Diego
  Preuss School UCSD
  High Tech High
  Audeo Charter
  Darnall Charter
  Keiller Leadership Academy
  Harriet Tubman Village Charter
  King-Chavez Primary Academy
  The O'Farrell Charter
  McGill School of Success
  Holly Drive Leadership Academy
  Explorer Elementary
  San Diego Cooperative Charter
  King-Chavez Academy of Excellence
  Einstein Academy
  Imperial Beach Charter
  Nestor Language Academy Charter
  Insight @ San Diego
  California Virtual Academy @ San Diego
  Stephen W. Hawking Charter
  Stephen W. Hawkings II Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Charter
  MAAC Community Charter
  RAI Online Charter
  Taylion San Diego Academy
  North County Trade Tech High
  Guajome Learning Center
  Bella Mente Montessori Academy
  Guajome Park Academy Charter
  Coastal Academy
  Pacific View Charter
  Bayshore Preparatory Charter
  All Tribes Elementary Charter
  All Tribes Charter
  High Tech High Chula Vista
  High Tech High North County
  High Tech Middle North County
  High Tech Middle Chula Vista
  High Tech Elementary Chula Vista
  High Tech Elementary North County
  Vivian Banks Charter
  Thrive Public
  KIPP Bayview Academy
  KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy
  Five Keys Charter (SF Sheriff's)
  City Arts and Tech High
  Five Keys Adult School (SF Sheriff's)
  Five Keys Independence HS (SF Sheriff's)
  Gateway Middle
  KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory
  Leadership High
  Life Learning Academy Charter
  Gateway High
  Edison Charter Academy
  Creative Arts Charter
  San Francisco Flex Academy
  Mission Preparatory
  San Joaquin Building Futures Academy
  Venture Academy
  River Islands Technology Academy
  Escalon Charter Academy
  Aspire Benjamin Holt College Preparatory Academy
  Rio Valley Charter
  Aspire Vincent Shalvey Academy
  Joe Serna Jr. Charter
  Aspire River Oaks Charter
  Manteca Unified Vocational Academy
  New Jerusalem
  Great Valley Academy - Manteca
  Humphreys College Academy of Business, Law and Education
  California Virtual Academy @ San Joaquin
  Acacia Middle Charter
  Acacia Elementary Charter
  Academy of Arts and Science San Joaquin
  Cal Stem San Joaquin
  Valley View Charter Prep
  Delta Charter Online
  Delta Launch Charter
  Delta Charter
  California Connections Academy @ Ripon
  Aspire Rosa Parks Academy
  Pittman Charter
  Aspire Port City Academy
  Dr. Lewis Dolphin Stallworth Sr. Charter
  Aspire Langston Hughes Academy
  Stockton Unified Early College Academy
  Stockton Collegiate International Elementary
  Stockton Collegiate International Secondary
  Aspire APEX Academy
  Health Careers Academy
  Pacific Law Academy
  TEAM Charter
  Nightingale Charter
  Primary Charter
  Millennium Charter
  Discovery Charter
  Grizzly ChalleNGe Charter
  Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter
  Almond Acres Charter Academy
  California Virtual Academy @ San Mateo
  Summit Public School: Shasta
  Aspire East Palo Alto Charter
  Connect Community Charter
  Arundel Elementary
  Brittan Acres Elementary
  Heather Elementary
  Tierra Linda Middle
  White Oaks Elementary
  San Carlos Charter Learning Center
  Design Tech High
  Summit Preparatory Charter High
  Everest Public High
  East Palo Alto Academy
  Family Partnership Home Study Charter
  Trivium Charter
  Santa Ynez Valley Charter
  Manzanita Public Charter
  Los Olivos Charter School
  Orcutt Academy Charter
  Peabody Charter
  Santa Barbara Charter
  Adelante Charter
  Leadership Public Schools - San Jose
  Bullis Charter
  Discovery Charter
  University Preparatory Academy Charter
  Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary
  ACE Empower Academy
  Rocketship Si Se Puede Academy
  Magnolia Science Academy Santa Clara
  Rocketship Los Suenos Academy
  Silicon Valley Flex Academy
  Downtown College Prep - Alum Rock
  Rocketship Discovery Prep
  Summit Public School: Tahoma
  Sunrise Middle
  Rocketship Academy Brilliant Minds
  Rocketship Alma Academy
  Discovery Charter II
  Summit Public School: Denali
  Alpha: Jose Hernandez Middle
  Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep
  KIPP Heartwood Academy
  Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle
  ACE Alum Rock
  Kipp Prize Preparatory Academy
  Aptitud Community Academy at Goss
  Fammatre Elementary
  Farnham Charter
  Price Charter Middle
  Sartorette Charter
  Blackford Elementary
  Capri Elementary
  Castlemont Elementary
  Forest Hill Elementary
  Lynhaven Elementary
  Marshall Lane Elementary
  Monroe Middle
  Rolling Hills Middle
  Rosemary Elementary
  Sherman Oaks Elementary
  Escuela Popular/Center for Training and Careers, Family Learning
  KIPP San Jose Collegiate
  Summit Public School: Rainier
  ACE Charter High
  Luis Valdez Leadership Academy
  Latino College Preparatory Academy
  San Jose Conservation Corps Charter
  Escuela Popular Accelerated Family Learning
  Voices College-Bound Language Academy
  Cornerstone Academy Preparatory
  Rocketship Mosaic Elementary
  Rocketship Spark Academy
  KIPP Heritage Academy
  ACE Franklin McKinley
  Bridges Academy
  Gilroy Prep School (Navigators School)
  Charter School of Morgan Hill
  Ida Jew Academies
  Downtown College Preparatory Middle
  Downtown College Preparatory
  Walter L. Bachrodt Elementary
  Pacific Collegiate Charter
  Cypress Charter High
  Tierra Pacifica Charter
  Ceiba College Preparatory Academy
  Pacific Coast Charter
  Diamond Technology Institute
  Linscott Charter
  Alianza Charter
  Watsonville Charter School of the Arts
  Ocean Grove Charter
  SLVUSD Charter
  Delta Charter
  Chrysalis Charter
  Anderson New Technology High
  Cottonwood Creek Charter
  Stellar Secondary Charter High
  Stellar Charter
  Monarch Learning Center
  University Preparatory
  Shasta Charter Academy
  Northern Summit Academy
  Rocky Point Charter
  Redding School of the Arts II
  Academy of Personalized Learning
  North Woods Discovery
  Golden Eagle Charter
  Dixon Montessori Charter
  Alternative Cooperative Education Charter
  Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy
  Elise P. Buckingham Charter Magnet High
  Fairmont Charter Elementary
  Vallejo Charter
  MIT Academy
  Mare Island Technology Academy
  Stony Point Academy
  Kawana Elementary
  Cinnabar Charter
  Dunham Charter
  Forestville Academy
  Gravenstein Elementary
  Hillcrest Middle
  Salmon Creek School - A Charter
  Pathways Charter
  California Virtual Academy @ Sonoma
  Liberty Elementary
  Mark West Charter
  San Miguel Elementary
  John B. Riebli Elementary
  Pivot Online Charter - North Bay
  Oak Grove Elementary/Willowside Middle
  River Montessori Elementary Charter
  Loma Vista Immersion Academy
  Old Adobe Elementary Charter
  Miwok Valley Language Academy Charter
  Sonoma Mountain Elementary
  Sixth Grade Charter Academy at Petaluma Jr. High
  Penngrove Elementary
  Live Oak Charter
  Gateway to College Academy
  Mary Collins Charter School at Cherry Valley
  Northwest Prep Charter
  Olivet Elementary Charter
  Morrice Schaefer Charter
  Piner-Olivet Charter
  Rincon Valley Charter
  Spring Creek Matanzas Charter
  Whited Elementary Charter
  Village Elementary Charter
  Binkley Elementary Charter
  Roseland Charter
  Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts
  Santa Rosa French-American Charter (SRFACS)
  Cesar Chavez Language Academy
  Santa Rosa Charter
  Kid Street Learning Center Charter
  Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter
  Abraxis Charter
  Sebastopol Independent Charter
  Woodland Star Charter
  Sonoma Charter
  Orchard View
  Sunridge Charter
  Twin Hills Charter Middle
  Wright Charter
  Credo High
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Sonoma
  Village Charter
  Cali Calmecac Language Academy
  Healdsburg Charter
  Great Valley Academy
  Stanislaus Alternative Charter
  Valley Charter High
  Whitmore Charter School of Art & Technology
  Whitmore Charter High
  Aspire Summit Charter Academy
  Whitmore Charter School of Personalized Learning
  Denair Academic Avenues
  Denair Charter Academy
  Gratton Charter
  Hart-Ransom Academic Charter
  Hickman Elementary
  Hickman Charter
  Hickman Middle
  Keyes to Learning Charter
  Aspire Vanguard College Preparatory Academy
  Paradise Charter
  Grayson Charter
  Roberts Ferry Charter School Academy
  Independence Charter
  Shiloh Charter
  Aspire University Charter
  Riverbank Language Academy
  Oakdale Charter High
  Connecting Waters Charter
  eCademy Charter at Crane
  Fusion Charter
  South Sutter Charter
  California Virtual Academy @ Sutter
  Twin Rivers Charter
  Yuba City Charter
  Lincoln Street
  Tehama eLearning Academy
  University Preparatory High
  Valley Life Charter
  La Sierra High
  Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center
  Central California Connections Academy
  Summit Charter Academy
  Burton Fusion Academy
  Loma Vista Charter
  Crescent Valley Public Charter
  Sierra Vista Charter High
  Visalia Charter Independent Study
  Visalia Technical Early College
  Sycamore Valley Academy
  Charter Alternatives Academy
  Charter Home School Academy
  Butterfield Charter High
  Harmony Magnet Academy
  Foothill Leadership Academy
  California Virtual Academy @ Jamestown
  Gold Rush Charter
  Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy
  Vista Real Charter High
  Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education
  BRIDGES Charter
  River Oaks Academy
  Meadows Arts and Technology Elementary
  Golden Valley Charter
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Thousand Oaks & Simi Valley
  Academy of Arts and Sciences: Oxnard & Ventura
  Valley Oak Charter
  Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education
  Architecture, Construction & Engineering Charter High (ACE)
  University Charter Middle School at CSU Channel Islands
  University Preparation School at CSU Channel Islands
  IvyTech Charter
  Da Vinci Charter Academy
  West Sacramento Early College Prep Charter
  Sacramento Valley Charter
  Science & Technology Academy at Knights Landing
  Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy
  Yuba County Career Preparatory Charter
  Camptonville Academy
  Paragon Collegiate Academy
  Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts
  Wheatland Charter Academy


  Agnes Memorial Christian Academey
  All Saints Catholic School
  Alsion Montessori Middle/High
  American International Montessori School
  Anchor Education, Inc. dba Sterling West -- San Francisco Campus
  Applied Scholastics Academy, East Bay
  Aurora School
  Averroes High School
  Bayhill High School
  Bayside Seventh-day Adventist Christian
  Beacon School dba Beacon Day School
  Berkeley Rose School
  Berkwood Hedge
  Bishop O'Dowd High School
  Black Pine Circle School
  California Crosspoint High School
  Calvary Lutheran Elementary
  Celebration Academy
  Challenger - Newark
  Chinese Christian Schools–Alameda
  Cornerstone Christian Academy
  Corpus Christi Elementary
  Da Vinci Center for Gifted Children
  Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy
  East Bay Home School
  Ecole Bilingue De Berkeley
  Escuela Bilingüe Internacional
  Fountainhead Montessori School
  Fred Finch–Oakland Hills Academy
  Fremont Christian School
  Genius Kids Inc
  German Int'l School of Silicon Valley
  Hacienda School
  Head-Royce School
  Holy Names High School
  Holy Spirit Elementary
  I.Q.R.A.A. Educational Academy & Services
  IC Community School
  Ile Omode School
  ILM Academy
  International Bible Baptist Academy
  International Christian School
  Julia Morgan School for Girls
  Kimber Hills Academy
  kingdom Builder private school
  LAMB-O Academy, Incorporated
  Lea's Christian
  LePort Schools, Emeryville
  Lighthouse Baptist School
  Mentoring Academy
  Mills College Children's School
  Mission Hills Middle School
  Montessori Children's House of Hayward
  Montessori School of San Leandro
  Moreau Catholic High School
  New Horizons
  Northstar School
  Oakland Hebrew Day School
  Our Lady of Grace School
  Our Lady of Guadalupe
  Our Lady of the Rosary
  Our Savior Lutheran School
  Pacific Boychoir Academy
  Park Day
  Patten Academy of Christian Education
  Pentecostal Way of Truth School Academy
  Prince of Peace Lutheran School
  Principled Academy, The
  Quarry Lane School, The
  Raskob Learning Institute and Day School
  Redwood Christian Elementary
  Redwood Christian Middle School and High School
  Redwood Day School
  Rising Star Montessori School
  Saint Clement Catholic School
  Saint Elizabeth High
  Saint Jarlath School
  Saint Leo the Great School
  Saint Mary's College High School
  Saint Vincent's Day Home, Inc.
  San Lorenzo Community Church Preschool and Kindergarten
  San Lorenzo Community Church Preschool and Kindergarten
  School of the Madeleine
  Seneca Family of Agencies - Building Blocks
  Seneca Family of Agencies - James Baldwin Academy
  Seneca Family of Agencies - Pathfinder Academy
  Shu Ren International School
  Sonrise Christian Academy
  spectrum Center, Oakland Campus
  St. Andrew M.B.C. Private P. C. P. C.
  St. Anthony School
  St. Bede Catholic School
  St. Edward Parish
  St. Elizabeth Elementary
  St. Felicitas Catholic School
  St. Joachim's Elementary
  St. John Catholic School
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Joseph Notre Dame High School
  St. Lawrence O'Toole Elementary
  St. Leander
  St. Martin De Porres
  St. Michael Elementary
  St. Paul's Episcopal
  St. Philip Lutheran
  St. Philip Neri Elementary
  St. Raymond
  St. Theresa School
  Starlite School
  Stars High School
  Stellar Academy for Dyslexics
  Stellar Preparatory High School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  The Berkeley School
  The Child Unique Montessori School
  The College Preparatory School
  The Crowden School
  The Montessori Giving Tree
  The Pear Tree Community School
  Tilden Preparatory School
  Union City Christian School
  Valley Christian Elementary School
  Valley Christian Junior / Senior High School
  Valley Montessori School
  Valor Academy
  Via Center
  Chico Christian
  Chico Oaks Adventist School
  Cornerstone Christian School
  Feather River Adventist
  International Christian School
  Magalia Adventist School
  Notre Dame School
  Oroville Christian School
  Paradise Adventist Academy
  Pleasant Valley Baptist School
  Progressive Schoolhouse, The
  Sierra School of Butte County
  St. Thomas the Apostle
  Upward International School
  Zanella Academy
  Christian Heritage Academy
  Door to the Cross
  Kingsway Learning Center
  Royal Heirs Christian Academy
  Zions Preparatory Academy / Nikola Tesla High School
  Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
  A Better Chance / California Autism Foundation
  Above and Beyond Academy
  Anova Center for Education, Site 2
  Antioch Christian Academy
  Arlington Christian School
  Bentley Upper
  Berean Christian High School
  Bethel Christian Academy
  Big Minds
  Bouton-Shaw Academy
  Calvary Temple Christian School
  Canterbury Elementary
  Carondelet High
  Cedar Life Academy
  Christ the King Elementary
  Concord Christian Schools
  Contra Costa Christian Schools
  Contra Costa Jewish Day School
  Cornerstone Christian School
  Crestmont School
  Dainty Center/Willow Wood School
  De La Salle High School of Concord
  Diablo Valley
  Dorris-Eaton School, The
  East Bay Waldorf School
  El Sobrante Christian School
  Faith Christian School
  Fusion Academy--Walnut Creek
  Golden Hills Christian School
  Growing Light Montessori School of Kensington
  Halstrom Academy - Walnut Creek
  Heritage Academy
  Hilltop Christian
  Holden High School
  Holy Rosary
  Jesus Our Restorer Christian School
  King's Academy
  Legacy Academy
  Legacy Christian School
  Meher Schools, The
  Mission Academy Antioch
  Montessori Family School
  Montessori School of San Ramon
  Mount Eagle Academy
  New Horizon Academy
  New Jerusalem Christian Academy
  NorthCreek Academy
  Orinda Academy
  Orion Academy
  Paideia Academy
  Palmer School For Boys and Girls
  Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy
  Precept Christian Academy
  Prospect Sierra School
  Queen of All Saints Elementary
  Saint Agnes
  Salesian College Preparatory
  San Ramon Valley Christian Academy
  Seneca Family of Agencie, Catalyst Academy
  Seneca Family of Agencies, Olivera School
  Seven Hills, The
  Shalom Academy
  Singing Stones School
  Soli Deo Gloria
  Spectrum Center -Delta Campus
  Spectrum Center, Inc.–Tara Hills
  Spectrum Center, Inc.-Valley Campus
  Spectrum Center, Inc.-Ygnacio Campus
  Springstone School, The
  St. Catherine of Siena
  St. Cornelius Elementary
  St. David's Elementary
  St. Francis of Assisi
  St. Isidore School
  St. Jerome Catholic Elementary
  St. John the Baptist
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception
  St. Patrick School
  St. Paul School
  St. Perpetua
  St. Peter Martyr Elementary
  St. Thomas
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Tabernacle Christian, Inc.
  Tehiyah Day School
  The Athenian School
  The Concordia School
  The Saklan School
  Tobinworld II
  Tobinworld III - Antioch
  Vista Christian School
  Walnut Creek Christian Academy
  Wellspring Educational Services Inc
  White Oak Academy
  Williams-Brown Academy
  Wood Rose Academy
  Ygnacio Valley Christian
  Zachary Christian School
  Crescent City SDA School
  Foursquare Christian
  Lighthouse Christian Academy
  Blaise Pascal Academy
  Cedar Springs Waldorf School
  El Dorado Adventist
  Empire Canyon Christian School
  Fox Run School
  G.H.S. Academy
  Guiding Hands School, Inc.
  Jacobs Ladder Christian School
  Oak Hill Christian Academy
  Providence Christian School
  Shank Star Learning Acedemy
  Thorson Family School
  Armenian Community School
  Beckham Academy
  Brighten Academy Preschool
  Calvary Chapel Christian
  Campus Christian Academy
  Carden School of Fresno
  Central Valley Christian Molokan School
  Clovis Christian School
  Cornerstone Christian School
  Creative Alternatives School
  Fairmont Private School of Fresno
  Faith Academy
  Faith Baptist Academy
  Faith Christian Academy
  First Church Christian Academy
  Fresno Adventist Academy
  Fresno California University
  Fresno California University
  Fresno Christian Academy, PSSP
  Fresno Christian Schools
  Hammer Mountain School
  Hillside Academy
  Immanuel Schools
  Kerman Christian School
  KLIP International
  Logos Christian Conservatory
  Maverick Academic Prep
  New Heights Christian Academy
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  Our Lady of Victory
  Reaching Potentials Educational Institute
  San Joaquin Memorial High
  Seine Xtreme Academy
  Sequoia Christian School
  Sierra Hills Baptist Academy
  Sierra View Christian Academy
  Solid Truth Academy
  Spreading Oaks Academy
  St. Anthony
  St. Helen
  St. La Salle
  Tower Christian School
  Truth Tabernacle Christian School
  Valley Crescent School
  Western Christian Academy
  Willow Academy
  North Valley Christian Schools
  River Valley Christian
  Arcata Christian
  Fortuna Junior Academy
  Gospel Outreach School
  Humboldt Bay Christian
  Koinonia Academy
  Mistwood Educational Center
  New Life Christian School
  Redwood Christian
  Salmon Creek Community School
  Six Rivers Montessori
  St. Bernard's Academy
  Brawley Christian Academy
  Calexico Mission School
  Calvary Chapel Christian School of El Centro
  Faith Academy
  Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy
  Phoenix rising
  Sacred Heart School
  St. Marys School
  Vincent Memorial Catholic High School
  Bishop Adventist Christian School
  Lone Pine Christian Academy
  Adventist Christian School
  Agapeland Christian Academy
  Arrow Acres Academy
  Bakersfield Adventist Academy
  Bakersfield Christian High School
  Bethany Christian
  Bethel Christian
  Calvary Christian
  Country Christian School, Inc.
  Covenant Christian
  Eden Academy
  Eternity Preparatory High School and Academy
  Evergreen Academy
  Evergreen Christian Academy
  Free Will Christian Academy
  Garces Memorial High
  Gideon Apostolic Academy
  Heritage Academy
  Heritage Montessori School
  Heritage Oak School
  homeschool outpost
  Immanuel Christian
  J. C. Worthy Institute
  Kern SDA Elementary
  Legacy Christian Academy
  Love To Learn
  Morris Academy
  New Life Christian
  Nigritian Academy
  North Kern Christian
  Northwest Christian School
  Oak Hills Christian Academy
  Olive Knolls Christian
  Our Lady of Guadalupe
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  Peacework Education Project
  Rosewall Christian Academy
  Saddle Mountain School
  Saddle Mountain School
  Sequoia Christian Academy
  Sovereign Records
  St. Ann
  St. Francis
  St. John's Lutheran
  Stockdale Christian Elementary
  The Bridge Learning Center
  The Little Flock Academy
  Three Bearing Trees Academy
  Turner Christian Academy
  Valley Schools
  Warriors for Christ Academy
  Welch Academy
  Wild Roots Learning Academy
  Armona Union Academy
  Armor Christian Academy
  Hanford Christian School
  Kings Christian
  Mary Immaculate Queen
  St. Rose / McCarthy Catholic
  Western Christian
  Clearlake SDA Christian
  Konocti Christian Academy
  Middletown Adventist
  Middletown Christian School
  Westlake Seventh-day Adventist
  Zemorah Christian Academy
  Barrett Ranch
  Diamond View Mennonite Christian Day School
  Providence Academy
  Susanville Adventist Christian School
  "MARIACHI INSTITUTE" (Community program for all Arts, Music and Education)
  A Bright Beginning
  A Bright Beginning CDC
  ABC Little School
  ABC Little School Van Nuys, LLC
  ABC Little School, Studio City
  ABC Little School–Sherman Oaks
  Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School
  Academy For Advancement of Children With
  Academy for Advancement of Children with Autism-AV
  Academy of the Two Hearts
  Acton Academy Venice Beach
  Ad Astra School
  Adat Ari El Day School
  Advantage Preparatory Schools
  Adventist Union School
  AGBU Manoogian–Demirdjian
  AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School
  Al Falaq Me'raj Academy
  Alex Pilibos Armenian
  Alexandria Academy, The
  Al-Huda Islamic School
  All Saints Elementary
  All Souls School
  Alpha-Kidz International
  Alpha-Shen Kindergarten
  Alverno High School
  Ambassador High School
  American Christian Academy
  American Hollywood Film Academy
  American Martyrs School
  American Montessori Preschool and Elementary
  American University Preparatory School
  Angeles Workshop School
  Anita Oaks DBA Foothill Oaks Academy
  Antelope Valley Adventist School
  Antelope Valley Christian School
  Arcadia Children's Educational Center
  Arcadia Christian School
  Arcadia College Preparatory
  Arcadia Montessori School
  Arete Preparatory Academy
  Ark Christian Academy
  Armenian Mesrobian
  Armenian Sisters Academy of Los Angeles
  Around the World Children Center, Inc.
  Arrow Montessori School of San Dimas
  Arroyo Pacific Academy
  Artek Child Education Center, Inc.
  Ascension Elementary Catholic
  Ascension Lutheran School
  Assumption Elementary
  Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
  Bais Chana Heritage School, Inc DBA Ohel Chana
  Bais Chaya Mushka Chabad
  Bais Yaakov School for Girls
  Barnhart School
  Baxter Montessori
  Bay Shore School
  Beach Cities Learning Center
  Beatitudes of our Lord Elementary
  Bell Gardens Christian Elementary
  Bell Tower Trilingual School
  Bellarmine-Jefferson High School
  Berean Baptist Academy
  Berean Fellowship Christian School
  Berkeley Hall
  Beth Hillel Day
  Bethany Baptist Elementary
  Bethany Christian School
  Bethel Baptist Christian School
  Bethel Christian
  Beverly Christian Academy, Inc.
  Beverly Hills RC School
  Biola University K-12 Private School Satellite Program
  Bishop Alemany High
  Bishop Amat Memorial High
  Bishop Conaty–Our Lady of Loretto
  Bishop Montgomery High
  Bishop Mora Salesian High School
  Blessed Sacrament School
  Blind Childrens Center, Inc.
  B'nai Ha Aliyah - Children of Ascent Academy
  Bnos Devorah High School
  Bnos Esther
  Born Learners School
  Branch Of Hope School
  Brawerman Elementary School–Wilshire Blvd Temple
  Brenda Barton
  Brentwood School
  Bridgeport Vocational Center
  Bridges Academy
  Bright Academy
  Brighter Days Montessori
  Brighton Hall
  Broadoaks School of Whittier College
  Buckley School, The
  Buckner Educational Christian Academy
  Buckner Educational Christian Academy
  Busy Bees Wonderland, Inc.
  C. and E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School
  C.L. Prep Academy
  California University FCE
  Calvary Baptist Church and Schools
  Calvary Chapel Christian
  Calvary Chapel Christian Academy
  Calvary Chapel Christian School
  Calvary Chapel Christian School Of Whittier
  Calvary Chapel El Monte Homeschool Academy
  Calvary Christian
  Calvary Road Baptist Academy
  Calvary School
  Campbell Hall (Episcopal)
  Canoga Park Preschool And Kindergarten
  Cantwell–Sacred Heart of Mary High
  Canyon View Academy
  Canyon View School
  Carden Dominion School
  Carden Whittier Private School
  Carousel - Airport Blvd
  Carson Christian School
  Castle Elementary School
  Cathedral Chapel Elementary
  Cathedral High School
  CDM Christian Elementary School
  Centers of Learning
  Chaminade College Preparatory
  Chaminade College Preparatory
  Chamlian Armenian School
  Chandler School
  Chatsworth Hills Academy
  Cheder Menachem
  Cheder of Los Angeles
  Children "R" Us
  Children R US
  Children's Community School
  Children's Enrichment Center - Artes de Montessori
  Children's Montessori Center
  Children's Place Montessori, The
  Child's World School
  Child's World School
  Christ Centered Pasadena Christian School
  Christ Lutheran Church and School
  Christ Lutheran Elementary
  Christ the King Elementary
  Christbridge Academy
  Christian Classical Conservatory
  Circle of Love
  City of Knowledge
  Clairbourn School
  Cleophas Oliver Learning Academy
  Cleophas Oliver Learning Academy
  Coastal Academy
  College Bound 4 Kids
  College Bound 4 Kids
  College Bound 4 Kids
  College Bound 4 Kids
  Communion Christian Academy
  Concordia Junior/Senior High School
  Concordia School - Granada Hills
  Cornerstone Academy of Los Angeles
  Cornerstone Christian
  Cornerstone Christian Academy
  Cornerstone Christian School
  Corpus Christi Elementary
  Country School, The
  Coutin School, LLC
  Covenant Christian
  Crane Academy of Excellence
  Crawford Academy, The
  Creative Beginnings
  Creative Center for Children
  Creative Corners
  Creative Day Academy
  Creative Kids
  Crescenta Valley Adventist School
  Crespi Carmelite High
  Crestview Preparatory School
  Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences
  Culver City Christian School
  Curtis School
  Damascus Road Academy
  Damien High School
  Darko LA
  DBA School
  DC Academy
  DC Home School and Sports Academy
  De La Salle
  de Toledo High School
  Del Rey Parochial Academy
  Delphi Academy of Los Angeles
  Delphi Academy of Santa Monica
  Desert Christian Schools
  Desert Montessori Academy
  Devin A. Gonzales II Academy Of The Art's and Science Discovery For The Gifted
  Diamond Bar Montessori Academy
  Discovery School
  Discovery World Montessori
  Divine Providence Day Nursery and Kindergarten
  Divine Saviour
  Dolores Mission School
  Don Bosco Technical Institute
  Donna Ro
  Dove Day School, Educational Programs, Inc.
  Downey Christian School
  Dream Center Early Childhood Education Center
  Duarte Montessori School Inc.
  Dubnoff Center for Child Development
  Dunn Academy
  East Beverly High School
  East Valley Academy
  East Valley Adventist
  ECF Kayne Eras Center
  Echo Center
  Echo Horizon
  Egremont Schools, Inc.
  EIL Excellence In Learning
  Eko Multi-Purpose Center
  Elliott Institute Inc.
  Emek Hebrew AcademyTeichman Family Torah Center
  Emerson Academy for Arts and Sciences
  Emmaus Lutheran
  Epiphany Academy
  Epiphany Catholic
  Excellence In Education Academy
  Excelsior School
  Academy CLOSED
  Fair Oaks Christian Academy
  Fairhaven Christian Academy
  Fairway Education Center
  Faith Baptist
  Faith Christian School PSP
  Firm Foundation Christian Academy
  First Lutheran
  First Lutheran School
  First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills Weekday School
  First Steps
  First United Methodist Church/Glenoaks Elementary School
  Five Acres
  Flintridge Montessori School
  Flintridge Preparatory School
  Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
  Foothill Christian
  Foothill Country Day School
  Foothill Learning Center
  Foothill Preparatory School
  Foothill Progressive Montessori Schools
  Foundation Christian School
  Frederick K.C. Price III Schools
  Friends Western School
  From the Heart Preschool & Enrichment Center
  Fusion Academy
  Fusion Academy
  Fusion Academy
  Fusion Academy
  Fusion Academy
  Gabriele Academy International
  Gan Israel Hebrew
  Garden of Angels School
  Gardena Christian Academy
  Gardena Valley Christian School
  Gethsemane Baptist Christian
  Glendale Adventist Academy
  Glendale Montessori School
  Good Shepherd Catholic School
  Good Shepherd Lutheran
  Gooden School, The
  Grace Christian Academy
  Grace Lutheran Elementary
  Grapevine Christian School
  Green Gables
  Green Pastures Cultivation Academy
  Green School of Hollywood
  Guardian Angel Elementary
  Halstrom Academy - Beverly Hills
  Halstrom Academy - Pasadena
  Halstrom Academy-Brentwood
  Halstrom Academy-Manhattan Beach
  Halstrom Academy-Woodland Hills
  Happy Day School
  Harambee Preparatory
  Harbor Church Schools
  Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
  Harkham-GAON Academy
  Harriet Tubman
  Hawthorne Academy
  Heights Christian School/ La Mirada Campus
  Heights Christian Schools, Bluefield Campus
  Heritage Christian School
  Heritage Christian School
  High Point Academy
  Highland Hall Waldorf School
  Hill Point Montessori Preparatory School
  Hillsdale Classic High School
  Hillside School and Learning Center
  Hillsides Education Center
  Hogg's Hollow Kindergarten
  Hollywood Preschool and Kindergarten
  Hollywood Schoolhouse
  Holy Angels School
  Holy Family
  Holy Family Elementary
  Holy Family High School College Preparatory
  Holy Innocents Elementary
  Holy Martyrs Armenian Elementary
  Holy Martyrs Armenian High School–Ferrahian
  Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary
  Holy Name of Mary
  Holy Spirit Elementary
  Holy Trinity Academy
  Holy Trinity Elementary
  Holy Trinity Elementary School
  Honeycomb Learning Center
  Hope Chapel Academy
  Hope Lutheran Elementary
  Huntington Academy
  ICC Community School
  ICL Academy
  ICL Academy for Film & Performing Arts
  Ilan Ramon Day School
  Immaculate Conception
  Immaculate Conception
  Immaculate Heart High and Middle School
  Immaculate Heart of Mary Elementary
  Incarnation Elementary
  Institute for the Redesign of Learning, Almansor Academy
  Institute for the Redesign of Learning, Westmoreland Academy
  Institute of Knowledge
  Interamerican Adult School
  International School of Los Angeles-BB
  International School of Los Angeles-PAS
  International School of Los Angeles–WV
  Islah Academy
  Ivie League Christian Preschool
  Ivy Road School
  JETS Yeshivah
  Joan Macy School
  Joy Taylor
  Joyland Preschool
  Jubilee Torrance Academy
  Judson International
  Junipero Serra High School
  Just Beginning, Inc.
  K. Anthony School
  Kabbalah Children's Academy
  Kadima Day School
  Kehillat Mogen David Education Center
  Kid Junction
  Kids' Castle Child Care Center
  Kids Preparatory Academy, Inc.
  Kids' World School, Inc.
  Kidsville USA
  Kimet -Kuumba In Motion Expressing Transformation
  Kirk O' The Valley School
  Kirkwood Christian Schools
  Koguma Youchien
  La Salle High School
  Lake Avenue Church School
  Lancaster Baptist School
  Laurel Hall
  Laurence School
  Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles
  Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles
  Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles
  Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles
  Learning Castle, Inc. (aka La Canada Preparatory)
  Leeway School
  Legacy Christian Academy
  Leroy Haynes Educational Center
  Liberty Baptist Academy
  Liberty High School
  Liberty Middle School
  Liberty Preparatory Academy
  Lighthouse Baptist Academy
  Lighthouse Christian Academy
  Lighthouse Christian Academy
  Lighthouse Church School
  Lighthouse International Home Schooling Academy
  Lily's Garden Preschool and Kindergarten
  Little Acorns Grow
  Little Angels Academy Burbank Inc.
  Little Citizens / Westside Academy
  Little Citizens / Westside Academy #3
  Little Citizens Westside Academy
  Little Citizens Westside Academy #3
  Little Flower Missionary House
  Los Altos Brethren School
  Los Angeles Adventist Academy
  Los Angeles Christian
  Los Angeles Christian Academy
  Los Angeles Computer Science Academy
  Los Encinos School
  Louisville High School
  Loyola High School of Los Angeles
  Lutheran High School La Verne
  Lycee International de Los Angeles - LF
  Lynwood Academic Academy
  Magic Rainbow Preschool
  Maimonides Academy
  Mainsail Academy
  Malibu Leadership Academy
  Manhattan Academy
  Manzanita School and Institute
  Maple Village Waldorf School
  Marcus Garvey Elementary and Preschool
  Maria Montessori House of Children
  Maria Regina
  MARIACHI, Cultural Arts, Music, & Education Academy
  Marianne Frostig Center of Educational Therapy
  Marina Montessori School
  Marlborough School
  Mary Immaculate Elementary School
  Mary Star of the Sea Elementary
  Mary Star of the Sea High School
  Marymount High School
  Mayfield Junior School
  Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus
  McKinna Learning Center
  Meher Montessori School
  Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok
  Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles
  Milken Community Schools
  Mirman School, The
  Missionette Christian Academy
  Molokan Elementary School
  Monarch Christian School
  Monique Bronx Elementary Middle High School
  Montebello Christian School
  Montessori Academy of Culver City
  Montessori Children's Academy
  Montessori Children's House
  Montessori of Santa Clarita
  Montessori On Elm
  Montessori School of Manhattan Beach
  Montessori School of Manhattan Beach #2
  Moore's Daycare Preparatory
  Morning Star Christian Academy
  Morning Star Christian School
  Mother of Sorrows
  Mt. Calvary Lutheran School
  Mulberry Tree Preschool
  MUSE School
  Music Box Pre-school and Kindergarten
  Nativity Catholic Elementary
  Nativity Elementary
  Ner Aryeh DBA USA Outreach
  New Avenue School
  New Beginnings Christian School
  New Community Academy
  New Covenant Academy
  New Dimensions School
  New Harvest Christian
  New Heaven Academy
  New Horizon Accelerated Christian Academy
  New Horizon School Los Angeles
  New Horizon School Pasadena
  New Horizon School Westside
  New Life Christian School
  New Roads School
  New World Montessori School
  Nishiyamato Academy
  Normandie Christian of Los Angeles
  Northpoint School and Intensive Outpatient
  Norwalk Christian Academy
  Norwalk Christian School
  Notre Dame Academy
  Notre Dame Academy Elementary
  Notre Dame High School
  Oak Knoll Kinderhaus
  Oaks Christian School
  Oaks, The
  Oakwood Academy
  Oakwood Elementary
  Oakwood Secondary
  Ohr Eliyahu Academy
  Oneonta Montessori School
  Optimal Christian Academy
  Or Hachaim Academy
  Orion International Academy
  Our Lady of Fatima
  Our Lady of Grace
  Our Lady of Guadalupe Elementary
  Our Lady of Guadalupe Elementary
  Our Lady of Guadalupe School - Rose Hill
  Our Lady of Loretto Elementary
  Our Lady of Lourdes
  Our Lady of Lourdes
  Our Lady of Lourdes School
  Our Lady of Malibu
  Our Lady of Peace Elementary
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Elementary
  Our Lady of Refuge
  Our Lady of Talpa
  Our Lady of the Angels Academy
  Our Lady of the Assumption
  Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
  Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal
  Our Lady of the Rosary School
  Our Lady of the Valley Elementary
  Our Lady of Victory
  Our Lady of Victory Elementary
  Our Mother of Good Counsel
  Our School
  Oxford School
  Pacific Baptist School
  Pacific Harbor Christian
  Pacific Lutheran High School
  Pacific Ohana Academy
  Pacific Point Academy and Learning Center
  Pacifica Christian High School
  Pacifica Montessori
  Page Private-Hancock Park
  Page School-Beverly Hills
  Palisades Montessori Center
  Paraclete High School
  Park Century School
  Park Montessori Children's Center
  Parkridge Private School
  Pasadena Christian School
  Pasadena Waldorf School
  Pearl Preparatory
  Peninsula Community Church Academy
  Peninsula Heritage School
  Perutz Etz Jacob Hebrew Academy
  Pilgrim School
  Pinecrest Schools - Canyon Country
  Pinecrest Schools - Woodland Hills
  Pines Christian, The
  Pioneer Baptist Elementary
  Placerita Canyon Christian School
  Play Mountain Place
  Playmates of Reseda Preschool
  Polytechnic School
  Pomona Catholic Girls High
  Pomona Catholic Middle School
  Poverello of Assisi Preschool
  Precious Blood
  Providence High School
  PS1 Pluralistic School
  PV Peninsula Montessori School
  Rabbi Jacob Pressman Academy
  Ramona Convent Secondary School
  Red Star
  Redeemer Baptist Elementary
  Redeemer Lutheran School
  Rejoyce In Jesus Christian School
  Renaissance Academy
  Renaissance School for Arts and Sciences
  Renuevo Elementary School
  Renuevo Leadership Academy
  Rio Hondo Preparatory
  Rise Montessori School
  Riviera Hall Lutheran
  Robbin's Nest Preschool and Kindergarten
  Rolling Hills Country Day School
  Rolling Hills Preparatory School
  Sacred Heart Elementary
  Sacred Heart Elementary
  Sacred Heart Elementary School
  Sacred Heart High
  Sahag-Mesrob Armenian Christian School
  Saint Aloysius
  Saint Anthony High School
  Saint Elias and Saint Paul School
  Saint Finbar School
  Saint Francis Xavier School
  Saint John of God
  Saint Joseph High School
  Saint Jude the Apostle
  Saint Mark's School, Altadena, Inc.
  Saint Mary's Academy
  Saint Monica Catholic High School
  Saint Sebastian School
  Saint Thomas Aquinas
  Saint Thomas the Apostle
  Saints Felicitas and Perpetua School
  Salem Lutheran School
  Samuel A. Fryer Yavneh Hebrew
  San Fernando Valley Academy
  San Gabriel Academy
  San Gabriel Christian
  San Gabriel Mission Elementary
  San Gabriel Mission High
  San Marino Montessori School
  San Miguel Catholic School
  Santa Clarita Christian
  Santa Fe Springs Christian School
  Santa Isabel
  Santa Rosa / Bishop Alemany
  Santa Teresita Elementary
  Sapere Aude Academy
  Scholars Preparatory School
  Sequoyah School
  Seton, Inc.
  Seven Arrows Elementary
  Shalhevet High School
  Sheenway School and Culture Center
  Shema Christian
  Shepherd Christian School
  Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran
  Shiloh Academy
  Shluchim Online School
  Sierra Canyon School
  Sinai Akiba Academy
  Slauson Learning Center, No. 1
  Slauson Learning Center, No. 2
  SmartStart Developmental Learning Center
  Sonrise Christian
  South Bay Faith Academy
  South Bay High
  South Bay Junior Academy
  South Hills Academy
  Southern California Christian Academy
  Southland Christian Academy
  Southlands Christian Schools
  Southlands Christian Schools, PSP
  Southwestern Academy
  Sovereign Grace Academy
  Spectrum - El Rancho
  Spectrum Center- Long Beach Elementary
  Spectrum Center- Long Beach Middle Country Club
  Spectrum Center- Long Beach Middle Market Street
  Spectrum Schools and Programs- Inglewood Collaborative Middle/High School
  Spectrum Schools and Programs- Inglewood CollaborativeElementary School
  SpectrumCenter Schools, Downey
  St Anthony School
  St Elizabeth Parish School
  St. Agnes Parish School
  St. Albert the Great Elementary School
  St. Alphonsus School
  St. Anastasia Elementary
  St. Andrew Elementary
  St. Anne Elementary
  St. Anthony
  St. Anthony Elementary
  St. Anthony of Padua
  St. Athanasius Elementary
  St. Augustine School (SAS)
  St. Barnabas Elementary
  St. Bede the Venerable Elementary
  St. Benedict Elementary
  St. Bernard
  St. Bernard Elementary
  St. Bernard High School
  St. Bernardine of Siena School
  St. Brendan
  St. Bridget of Sweden Elementary
  St. Bruno Parish School
  St. Catherine Laboure Elementary
  St. Catherine of Siena School
  St. Cecilia Elementary
  St. Charles Borromeo
  St. Christopher Parish School
  St. Columbkille Elementary
  St. Cornelius Elementary
  St. Cyprian Elementary
  St. Cyril of Jerusalem Elementary
  St. Didacus Elementary
  St. Dominic Elementary
  St. Dominic Savio
  St. Dorothy Elementary
  St. Elisabeth
  St. Emydius School
  St. Eugene
  St. Euphrasia School
  St. Ferdinand Elementary
  St. Frances of Rome Elementary
  St. Frances X. Cabrini
  St. Francis De Sales
  St. Francis High School
  St. Francis of Assisi Elementary
  St. Genevieve Elementary School
  St. Genevieve High School
  St. Gertrude School
  St. Gregory Nazianzen
  St. Gregory the Great
  St. Gregory's A. & M.Hovsepian School
  St. Helen
  St. Hilary Elementary
  St. Ignatius of Loyola Elementary
  St. James Elementary
  St. James' Episcopal School
  St. James -Holy Redeemer School
  St. James Parish Day School
  St. Jane Frances de Chantal School
  St. Jerome Elementary
  St. John Bosco High School
  St. John Chrysostom
  St. John Eudes
  St. John Fisher Elementary
  St. John the Baptist
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Joseph Elementary School
  St. Joseph the Worker Elementary
  St. Joseph's Academy
  St. Lawrence Martyr Elementary
  St. Lawrence of Brindisi Elementary
  St. Linus School
  St. Louis of France
  St. Louise De Marillac Elementary
  St. Lucy School
  St. Lucy's Priory High
  St. Luke Catholic
  St. Madeleine Catholic School
  St. Malachy Catholic Elementary
  St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
  St. Maria Goretti
  St. Marianne De Paredes Elementary
  St. Mark School
  St. Mark's Elementary
  St. Mark's Lutheran Elementary
  St. Martha Elementary School
  St. Martin of Tours
  St. Martin-in-the-Fields Parish School
  St. Mary Coptic Orthodox School
  St. Mary Elementary Catholic
  St. Mary Elementary School
  St. Mary Magdalen Elementary
  St. Mary of the Assumption Elementary
  St. Mary's Church Armenian Kindergarten
  St. Matthew's Parish School
  St. Matthias Elementary School
  St. Mel Elementary
  St. Michael Elementary
  St. Monica Academy
  St. Monica Catholic Elementary School
  St. Nicholas School
  St. Odilia Elementary
  St. Pancratius Parish School
  St. Patrick Elementary
  St. Paul Elementary
  St. Paul High School
  St. Paul of the Cross Elementary
  St. Paul the Apostle
  St. Philip Neri
  St. Philip the Apostle
  St. Philomena Elementary
  St. Pius X - St.Matthias Academy
  St. Pius X Parish School
  St. Raphael Elementary
  St. Raymond Elementary
  St. Rita Catholic School
  St. Robert Bellarmine Elementary
  St. Rose of Lima Catholic
  St. Stephen Academy
  St. Stephen Martyr
  St. Teresa of Avila Elementary
  St. Therese School
  St. Thomas More Catholic Elementary
  St. Timothy School
  St. Turibius Elementary
  St. Vincent Elementary School
  Stafford's Academy
  Star Christian
  STAR Prep Academy
  STEM3 Academy
  Steps Academy
  Stockwell Academy
  Sts. Peter and Paul School
  Success Work College Preparatory Academy
  Summit View
  Summit View–Westside
  Sunland Christian School
  Sunshine Education Academy
  Sunshine Educational Center
  Sunshine Pre-School and kindergarten
  Switzer Learning Center
  Sycamore School
  Tabernacle Of David Christian Academy
  Telstar Montessori Childcare Center
  Temple Isaiah Preschool and Kindergarten
  Temple Israel of Hollywood Day
  The American University for Science and Technology
  The Archer School for Girls
  The Best Start Preparatory Academy
  The Center for Early Education
  The City School
  The Donald Paul Educational Center
  The Episcopal School of Los Angeles
  The Help Group's North Hills Prep
  The Help Group's Parkhill School
  The John Thomas Dye School
  The Knowing Garden
  The Neilson Academy
  The Northridge Community School
  The Webb Schools
  The Willows Community School
  THG West
  Torat Hayim Hebrew Academy
  Tower of Ivory Home School
  Trinity Christian School
  Trinity Classical Academy
  Trinity Lutheran School
  Turning Point School
  Tzu Chi Great Love Elementary School
  Uniques Preschool
  United Christian Education Center
  University of Children, The
  Valley Beth Shalom Day School
  Valley Christian Elementary School
  Valley Christian High School
  Valley Christian Middle School
  Valley School–Individual Train
  Valley Torah High School
  Venice Lutheran School
  Verbum Dei High School
  Vermont Christian School
  Viewpoint School
  Villa Esperanza Services
  Village Christian Schools
  Village Glen
  Village School, Inc.
  Vineyard Christian School
  Visitation Elementary
  Vistamar School
  Walden School
  Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy
  Waterhouse Guild
  Waverly School, The
  Weizmann Day School
  Wesley School, The
  West Covina Christian Elementary
  West Covina Hills Adventist School
  West Hollywood Children's Academy
  West Hollywood College Preparatory School
  West Valley Carnegie High School
  West Valley Christian School
  Westerly School of Long Beach
  Western Christian PSP
  Western Christian School
  Westland School, The
  Westmark School
  Westridge School for Girls
  Westside Christian Academy, The
  Westside Neighborhood School
  White Memorial Adventist School
  Whittier Christian School - Maybrook
  Whittier Christian Schools - Satellite
  Whittier Christian Schools–Newlin
  Whittier Friends School
  Whole Heart Christian Academy
  Wildwood School
  Wilmington Christian School
  Wilmington Cove Village Open School
  Wilshire Private School
  Windward School
  Wise School
  Wiz Schools
  Wonderland Angels Early Learning Center
  Woodcrest Nazarene Christian School
  Woodcrest School
  Woodland Hills Private School
  Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles
  Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles
  Yeshiva of Los Angeles Girls High School
  Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad
  Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn / Torath Em
  Yeshiva University of Los Angeles Boys High School
  Yeshivat Ohr Chanoch
  Zinsmeyer Academy
  Chowchilla Adventist Elementary
  Crossroads Christian School
  Faith Tabernacle Christian Academy
  Foothill Christian Academy
  Joshua School
  Oakhurst Adventist Christian School
  St. Joachim Elementary
  All Children Academics
  Anova Center for Education, San Rafael, Site 3
  Brandeis Hillel Day School
  Cascade Canyon School
  Caulbridge School
  Fusion Academy
  GATE Academy
  Good Shepherd Lutheran School
  Greenwood School
  Irene M. Hunt School of Marin / Sunny Hills Services
  Lycee Francais de San Francisco
  Marin Academy
  Marin Catholic High
  Marin Christian Academy
  Marin Country Day School
  Marin Horizon School
  Marin Montessori School
  Marin Primary and Middle School
  Marin Waldorf School
  Mark Day School
  Mount Tamalpais School
  North Bay Christian Academy
  Oak Hill School
  Our Lady of Loretto
  Real School LLC
  Saint Hilary Elementary
  Saint Isabella School
  Saint Raphael Elementary
  San Domenico High School
  San Domenico Primary / Middle
  St. Anselm School
  St. Patrick School
  Star Academy
  The Branson School
  The New Village School
  Timothy Murphy
  Women Helping All People Scholastic Academy
  Yemaya Academy
  Summit Christian School
  Victory Baptist Christian School
  Adventist Christian School of Willits
  Deep Valley Christian
  Developing Virtue
  Instilling Goodness Elementary
  Parker 'Ohana View Academy
  Shiloh Academy
  St. Mary of the Angels
  The Waldorf School of Mendocino County
  Ukiah Junior Academy
  Central Valley Christian School
  Gospel Defenders Christian Academy
  Grace Bishop School
  JECOI Academy of Ag Science and Arts
  King's Christian Academy
  Landmark Christian
  Lighthouse Baptist Christian School
  Longview Mennonite School
  Los Banos Adventist School
  Merced Christian
  Our Lady of Fatima
  Our Lady of Mercy
  Our Lady of Miracles
  Providence Christian School
  St. Anthony
  St. Paul Lutheran School
  Stone Ridge Christian High
  Pedro Valley
  Eastern Sierra Christian Academy
  All Saints' Episcopal Day School
  Chartwell School
  Heritage Academy
  Hills View Christian School
  Junipero Serra School
  Madonna del Sasso School
  Montessori Learning Center
  Notre Dame High School
  Pacific Coast Christian Academy
  Palma High School
  Peninsula Adventist School
  Sacred Heart School
  Salinas Christian Schools
  San Carlos Elementary
  Santa Catalina School
  Soaring Eagles Christian Academy
  Spero School LLC
  Stevenson School
  Stevenson School Carmel Campus
  Straight Arrow School
  Trinity Christian High School
  Wise Academy
  York School
  Aldea Non-Public
  Blue Oak School
  Calvary Baptist Christian Academy
  First Christian School of Napa
  Foothills Adventist Elementary
  Harvest Christian Academy
  Heritage House Academy
  Hopewell Baptist Christian Academy
  Justin-Siena High School
  Kolbe Academy
  Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep
  Liberty Learning Academy
  Napa Christian Campus of Education
  Pacific Union College Elementary
  Pacific Union College Preparatory
  St. Apollinaris Elementary
  St. Helena Catholic School
  St. Helena Montessori
  St. John the Baptist Catholic
  St. John's Lutheran Elementary
  Sunrise Montessori of Napa Valley
  The Oxbow School
  Ananda Living Wisdom School
  Bugle Academy
  Charis Youth Center
  Christian Encounter High School
  Cok Academy
  Echo Ridge Christian School
  Forest Lake Christian School
  Home Again
  Milhous School, Inc. - Nevada City
  Mount St. Mary's Academy
  Abiding Savior Lutheran School
  Acaciawood School, Inc.
  Academy on the Hills
  Acton Academy Orange County
  Adelphia Classical Christian Academy
  Agape Academy
  Al-Ansar Academy
  Aliso Viejo Christian
  Allied National High School
  Alternative Educational Services
  Amaanah Montessori School
  Amazing Stars Academy HB
  AmeriMont Academy
  Anaheim Discovery Christian Jr./Sr. High
  Anaheim Hills Montessori
  Anaheim Magnolia Christian School
  Anneliese Schools
  Anneliese's School
  Approach Learning and Assessment Center DBA-Olive Crest Academy
  Arbor Christian School
  Arborland Montessori
  Arborland Montessori-Hughes Campus
  Ari Guiragos Minassian Armenian
  Aslan Academy
  Beacon Day School
  BelAir Christian School
  Bethany Christian Academy
  Bethel Baptist
  Bethel Baptist Academy
  Blessed Sacrament Schol
  Brethren Christian Junior and Senior High
  C4L Academy
  California University FCE High School
  Calvary Chapel Anaheim
  Calvary Chapel Christian School of Cypre
  Calvary Chapel High / Maranatha Christian
  Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda
  Calvary Chapel Private School Program
  Camelot Academy of Arts, Science & Technology, Esplanade Campus
  Capistrano Valley Christian Schools
  Capo Beach Christian School
  Carden Academy of Basic Education
  Carden Conservatory
  Carden Hall, Inc
  Cedarspring Academy
  Children's Learning Center, Inc.
  Christ Cathedral Academy
  Christ Lutheran
  Christ Lutheran Elementary
  Cleta Harder Developmental School
  Committed Christian School
  Community Christian Schools dba Mission Hills Christian School
  Cornelia Connelly School
  Covenant Christian Academy
  Covenant Christian School
  Covenant Christian School
  Crean Lutheran High School
  Creative Learning A Global Village Academy
  Creekside Christian School
  Cypress Branch Christian School
  Cypress Montessori
  DeVries Christian School
  Discovery Depot Child Care Center
  Eastside Christian
  ECE 4 Autism
  Edgewood PrePrimary Academy
  Ethos Christian Academy
  Fairmont Preparatory Academy
  Fairmont Private School Anaheim Hills CA
  Fairmont Private Schools - Historic Anaheim Campus
  Fairmont Private Schools, North Tustin Campus
  Foothill Montessori School, LLC
  Friends Christian School
  Frontiers Academy
  Fun 4 Kids Preschool
  Fusion Academy
  Fusion Academy
  Grace Christian Academy
  Grace Christian School
  Grace Christian School of Cypress
  Grace Classical Academy
  Grace Harbor School
  Grace Lutheran School
  Gratia Dei
  Halstrom Academy - Newport Beach
  Halstrom Academy- Huntington Beach
  Halstrom Academy-Anaheim Hills
  Halstrom Academy–Mission Viejo
  Harbor Day School
  HEART Christian Preparatory Academy
  Hebrew Academy
  Heights Christian School / Brea
  Hephatha Lutheran School
  Heritage Christian School
  Heritage Christian–San Clemente
  Heritage Montessori School
  Heritage Montessori School
  Heritage Oak Private Education
  Hillsborough Private School
  Hillside Montessori School Elementary
  Holy Family Elementary
  Hope Christian
  Hope Christian Academy
  Huntington Christian
  Huntington Valley Preschool and Kindergarten
  Independence Christian School
  Integrity Christian School
  International Christian Montessori Academy of Costa Mesa
  International Christian Montessori Academy of Orange
  International School of Los Angeles-OC
  Irvine Hebrew Day School
  Ivy Crest Montessori Private School
  Jenny Hart Early Education Center
  Keystone Academy
  Kids Adventure Learning Center
  King of Kings Lutheran School
  Kingdom Life Academy
  Knott Ave Christian Church Early Childhood Dev Center
  Koguma Youchien
  Koinonia Academy
  La Purisima Catholic School
  Laguna Niguel Jr. Academy
  Laguna Niguel Montessori Center
  Lake Forest Montessori School
  Lea Stone
  Lefebvre Family Home School
  LePort School Fountain Valley
  LePort School Irvine Westpark
  LePort Schools - Huntington Harbor
  LePort Schools - Irvine Spectrum Campus
  Liberty Christian School
  Lutheran High School of Orange County
  Mardan School of Educational Therapy
  Marina View Preschool and Kindergarten
  Mariners Christian
  Mariposa Christian
  Mater Dei High School
  McDowell School / Children's Choice
  Milestones Montessori Of Irvine
  Minaret Academy
  Mission Basilica School
  Mission Lutheran School
  Mission Viejo Christian School
  Monarch Bay Montessori Academy
  Montadhar Peace School
  Montessori at the Park
  Montessori Child Development Center
  Montessori Children's World
  Montessori Education Center
  Montessori Greenhouse Schools, LLC
  Montessori House of Children
  Montessori International Academy
  Montessori Learning Center
  Montessori of Brea Inc.
  Montessori of Ladera Ranch
  My First Montessori Preschool
  New Horizon School, Irvine
  Newport Academy Day School
  Newport Avenue Preschool and Kindergarten
  Newport Christian School
  Newport Montessori
  Northwood Montessori School of Irvine
  Oakridge Private
  Open Door Christian Academy
  Orange County Christian School
  Orange Crescent
  Orange School
  Orangewood Academy
  Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
  Our Lady of Guadalupe Elementary
  Our Lady Queen of Angels School
  Our Savior's Lutheran Elementary
  Pacific Academy
  Pacifica Christian High School-Orange County
  Padre Pio Academy
  Page Private-Costa Mesa
  Page Private-Garden Grove
  Palisades United Methodist Preschool Kindergarten
  Pathway School, Inc.
  Patti's Preschool, Inc.
  Petra Christian Academy
  Pillars Academy
  Prince of Peace Lutheran
  R. S. M. Montessori Elementary
  Red Hill Lutheran
  Renascence School International
  Riverbend Private School Satelllite Program
  Rock Christian Academy
  Rosary Academy
  Rossier Park Elementary
  Rossier Park School
  Saddelback Valley Christian Schools PSSP
  Saddleback Christian Academy
  Saddleback Valley Christian
  Sage Hill
  Saint Bonaventure School
  Saint Catherine of Siena Parish School
  Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School
  Saint Michael's Prep School
  Saints of Glory
  Salem Lutheran
  Santa Clara Nursery School
  Santa Margarita Catholic High School
  School of Our Lady
  Seashore Academy
  Serra Catholic Elementary
  Servite High School
  Shoreline Christian School
  Slater Montessori Academy
  Sonrisa School
  South Coast Metro Children's Village
  Southern California Christian Academy
  Speech and Language Development Center
  Spirit Academy
  St. Angela Merici Elementary
  St. Anne
  St. Anne School
  St. Barbara Elementary
  St. Catherine's Academy
  St. Cecilia Elementary
  St. Columban
  St. Edward the Confessor Parish School
  St. Francis of Assisi
  St. Hedwig Elementary
  St. Irenaeus Catholic Elementary
  St. Joachim
  St. John the Baptist Elementary
  St. John's Episcopal
  St. John's Lutheran School
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Juliana Falconieri
  St. Justin Martyr
  St. Margaret's Episcopal School
  St. Mary and All Angels
  St. MIchael the Archangel Academy
  St. Michael's Christian Academy
  St. Norbert Catholic School
  St. Paul's Lutheran
  St. Pius V Catholic School
  St. Polycarp Elementary
  St. Simon and St. Jude Elementary
  St. Theophan Academy
  Stepping Stones Academy
  Stepping Stones School
  Stoneybrooke Christian Schools
  Stoneybrooke Christian Schools
  Storybook Preschool & Private
  Sunflower Montessori
  Sunflower Preschool & Kindergarten
  Surf City Christian Child Development Preschool
  Talega Preparatory Academy
  Tarbut V Torah Community Day School
  The Creek Preschool & Kindergarten
  The Islamic Education School
  The Montessori Academy of Anaheim
  The Pegasus School
  The Rock Christian Academy
  The Willow Stream Academy
  Towne and Country Early Education Center
  Trinity Christian Schools
  Trinity Lutheran Christian
  Turtle Rock Private Kindergarten
  Tutor Time
  University Montessori School of Irvine
  Vann Family Homeschool
  Veritas Classical Academy
  Village Bible Academy
  Village Montessori School of Irvine
  Vineyard Christian School
  Waldorf School of Orange County
  Warner Avenue Christian Academy
  West River Academy
  Westpark Montessori
  Whittier Christian High
  Wisdom Mission School
  Zion Lutheran Elementary
  Adventure Christian
  American Montessori Elementary
  Christian Life Academy
  Community Christian Schools
  Destiny Christian
  Gates of Learning Center
  Granite Bay Montessori
  Holy Cross Lutheran Academy
  Hope Lutheran Academy
  Merryhill School - Roseville
  Mount Pleasant School
  Pine Hills Adventist Academy
  Placer Learning Center
  Read, Write and Spell
  Roseville Community
  Shadow Canyon Academy
  Sierra Creek Academy
  Sierra Foothills Academy
  Squaw Valley Academy
  St. Albans Country Day School
  St. Joseph Catholic School
  St. Rose Elementary
  Sugar Bowl Academy
  Trinity Christian Academy
  Weimar Academy
  Lake Almanor Christian School
  Plumas Christian School
  St. Andrew's Academy
  Taylorsville School House
  Agnus Dei Christian School
  All Saints' Carden Academy
  Allegiant Christian School
  Allhers Academy
  Alpha Omega Christian
  Ankh Education
  Anne Sullivan Preschool and Kindergarten
  Anza Valley Christian School
  Applied Scholastics Online Academy
  Bethel Christian Schools
  Bright Beginnings Christian Academy
  Bright Futures Academy, Riverside
  Bundy Canyon Christian
  California Lutheran High School
  California Ranch School
  Calvary Chapel Academy
  Calvary Chapel Christian
  Calvary Chapel Christian Academy
  Calvary Chapel Corona Christian Academy
  Calvary Christian Academy
  Calvary Christian School
  Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools
  CCFS - Charter School
  Chalaka Learning Center
  Cherry Valley Brethren School
  Childhelp School of Village West
  Christian Heritage School
  Concord Lutheran Academy
  Cornerstone Christian
  Cottonwood Montessori
  Country Day School
  Countryside Montessori Center
  Crossroads Christian Schools
  Desert Adventist School
  Desert Chapel Christian
  Desert Christian Academy
  Desert Christian Private School
  Desert Learning Center
  Discovery Isle Child Development Center
  Dwelling Place Learning Academy
  Faith Baptist Academy
  Faith Christian School
  Genesis Christian School
  Grace and Glory Academy
  Grace Christian Academy
  Grace Christian Academy of Valle Vista Assembly of God
  Grace Christian School of Temecula Valley
  Grace Lutheran Kindergarten
  Grace Preparatory School
  Growing Place
  Harvest Christian School
  Hemet Adventist Christian School
  Hikari Christian Academy
  Hillcrest Aacdemy
  Hope Learning Academy
  Idyllwild Arts Academy
  Idyllwild Montessori School
  Immanuel Lutheran Elementary
  Indio Christian Center Academy
  International Preparatory Academy
  Islamic Academy of Riverside
  Jan Peterson Child Day Care Center, Inc.
  King's Schools of the Desert
  KMC Dove's Landing School
  La Quinta Christian Fellowship School
  La Sierra Academy
  Liberty Christian School of Calvary Chapel Valle Vista
  Linfield Christian School
  little learners of truth and education
  Living WaterChristian Academy
  Magnolia Maranatha School
  Magnolia Preschool and Kindergarten
  Merry Weather Homeschool
  Millennial Heritage Academy
  Mira Loma Christian School
  Monarch Christian Academy
  Montessori Children's House
  Montessori Elementary School of Palm Springs
  Montessori School of Corona
  Montessori School of the Valley
  Morning Dove Christian
  Morningstar Christian Academy
  Morongo School
  Mount Carmel Academy
  Murrieta Springs Adventist Christian
  Noli Indian School
  Notre Dame High School
  Oak Grove at The Ranch
  Oak Grove Center / Jack Weaver
  Olive Branch Christian Academy
  On Track School
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  Our Panda Homeschool
  Owings Academy
  Palm Desert Learning Tree Center
  Palm Valley School
  Rancho Christian School
  Revival Christian Academy
  Riverside Christian Day School
  Riverside Christian Schools
  Sacred Heart
  Saint Catherine of Alexandria School
  Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac
  Saint Jude Mission School
  Sandcastle Day School
  Sanderson Academy
  Scantified Christian School
  Sierra Springs Christian
  Spectrum Center Schools
  Spectrum Center Schools
  St. Edward School
  St. Francis de Sales School
  St. Hyacinth Academy
  St. James Catholic School
  St. John's Lutheran
  St. Theresa
  St. Thomas the Apostle School
  Starting Gate Educational Services
  Summer Glenn Academy
  SunRays Academy
  Temecula Montessori Academy
  Temple Christian School
  The Education & Arts Academy
  The University of America: Federal USDE Code:475237
  Thompson Center For The Arts
  Town and Country Day School
  Turning Point Christian School
  Valley Adventist Christian
  Valley Christian Academy
  Valley Christian Academy
  Woodcrest Christian
  Xavier College Preparatory High School
  Yisrael Family Day Care
  Academy of Private Classic Education
  Al-Arqam Islamic School
  Aldar Academy
  Almondale Academy
  American Christian Academy - Ext
  Antelope Christian Academy
  Bar Du Lane
  Berean Christian School
  Bradshaw Christian School
  Bradshaw Road
  Brighton Schools
  Brookfield School
  Calvary Christian
  Camellia Waldorf
  Capital Christian School
  Capital Innovations Academy
  Capitol Autism Services/Land Park Campus
  Carden School of Sacramento
  CCHAT Center–Sacramento
  Christian Brothers High School
  Claire's Montessori International Academy
  Cornerstone Christian School
  Cristo Rey High School–Sacramento
  Epiphany School
  Faith Christian Academy
  First Baptist Church Kindergarten
  Folsom Educational Academy
  Fountain of Knowledge
  Franklin Park Private School
  Freedom Christian
  Galt Adventist Christian
  Galt Christian School
  Gomes Private School
  Grace Family Christian School
  Harvest Academy
  Heidelberg Christian Academy
  Holy Family School
  Holy Spirit Parish School
  IHS Christian School
  Jesuit High School
  King's Academy
  Lutheran High School
  Mayflower Academy
  Merryhill School
  Milhous School Inc. - Gerber
  More Life Christian Academy
  Mustard Seed
  MVP Diamond Academy
  Natomas Christian School (Real Life Church)
  Nehemiah Christian Academy
  Northern California Preparatory
  Odyssey Learning Center
  Orangevale Christian Academy
  Orangevale Seventh-day Adventist
  Our Lady of the Assumption School
  Pacific High School
  Palm Tree Christian School
  Penn Valley
  Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School
  River Valley
  Sacramento Adventist Academy
  Sacramento Christian School
  Sacramento Country Day School
  Sacramento Makers Academy
  Sacred Heart
  Saint Mary School
  Salam Academy
  Salmons school
  Shalom School
  Sierra School at Eastern: Lower
  Sierra School at Eastern-Upper
  Slavic Gospel
  St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
  St. Charles Borromeo
  St. Francis Catholic High School
  St. Francis Elementary School
  St. Ignatius School
  St. John Notre Dame
  St. John the Evangelist
  St. John Vianney School
  St. Mark's Lutheran Elementary
  St. Mel
  St. Michael's Academy
  St. Michael's Episcopal Day School
  St. Patrick SUCCEED Academy
  St. Peter's Lutheran School
  St. Philomene
  St. Robert Catholic School
  Still Waters Christian School
  Summit Christian School
  Sundance Montessori
  The Phoenix School
  Town and Country Christian Academy
  Treaster Christian Academy
  Trinity Christian School
  Valley Christian Academy
  Victory Christian
  Victory Christian Elementary
  Wilton Christian
  Yattiyr Hybrid School
  Branson Academy, Inc.
  Calvary Christian
  Hollister Montessori School
  Hollister SDA Christian School
  Sacred Heart Parish School
  ABC School Ontario
  Advanced Education Services–Live Oak Sch
  Advanced Education Services–Mountain View
  Ahrens Child Care Center
  Alloii Academy
  Alta Loma Christian
  Altus Academy
  Altus Academy - Hesperia
  Altus Academy - Yucaipa
  Apple Valley Christian
  Aquinas High School
  Arrow Christian Academy
  Arrowhead Christian Academy -Upper School-Redlands Christian School
  Barstow Christian School
  Beacon Hill Academy
  Benchmark Young Adult School
  Berean Christian
  Berean Christian School
  Big Bear Christian School
  Bloomington Christian School
  Bright Futures Academy, Morongo
  Bright Futures Academy, Rancho Cucamonga
  Bright Futures Academy, Victorville
  Bronstrup School
  By His Grace Christian Academy
  Calvary Chapel Rialto Christian School
  Calvary Christian Academy
  Carden Arbor View
  Children's Montessori School
  Chino Valley Christian Academy
  Citrus Valley Christian Academy
  Cornerstone Christian Academy of the High Desert
  Countrywood Elementary
  Custodio Home Academy
  Del Rosa Christian School
  Desert View Academy
  Dikaios Christian Academy
  Eileen Hyder Academy of Art Math & Science
  Etiwanda Academy
  Faith Academy Lake Arrowhead
  FAITH Christian Academy
  Faith Christian Academy
  First Peters Career College, Inc.
  Forest View Academy
  Forever Learning Our Way Private School
  Fountain of Truth Christian Academy
  Gate Christian School, The
  Gospel Restoration Academy, The
  Grace Christian
  Heights Christian School / Chino Hills Christian
  Hesperia Christian
  Hesperia Christian Academy
  Holy Rosary Academy
  Hope Christian School
  Inland Conservatory For The Performing Arts School
  International Montessori School
  Ironwood Christian Academy
  Joshua Springs Academy
  Joshua Springs Christian School
  Joshua Tree Private School
  Joshua Tree School of Self Mastery
  Koinonia Christian School
  Lake Arrowhead Christian School
  Liberty Christian Academy
  Lifestone Academy
  Lighthouse Christian Academy
  Lionsgate Christian School
  Loma Linda Academy
  Loving Savior Lutheran School
  Mesa Grande SDA Academy
  Montessori Academy of Chino
  Montessori Academy of Education, Inc, dba Montessori Academy
  Montessori Child Development Center
  Montessori in Redlands
  Montessori School House
  Montessori School Of Chino Hills
  Mountain View Christian Academy
  Mountain View Christian Preschool and Kindergarten
  Mt. Calvary Lutheran Early Education Center
  Needles Seventh-day Adventist
  New Hope Christian Schools
  New Life Christian Academy
  Ontario Christian Elementary
  Ontario Christian High
  Orange Grove Academy
  Orange Grove Academy
  Our Lady of Lourdes
  Our Lady of the Assumption Elementary
  Our Lady of the Desert
  Oxford Prep
  Packinghouse Christian Academy
  Pioneer Point Christian Academy
  Polaris Montessori
  Providence Christian Academy
  Rancho Christian Academy
  Rancho Heritage School
  Redeemer Lutheran Christian School
  Redlands Adventist Academy
  Redlands Christian School
  Resurrection Academy
  Riverbend Classical Academy
  Sacred Heart Academy
  Sacred Heart Parish School
  Saint Mark's Episcopal School
  San Antonio Christian School
  Solid Foundation Christian Academy
  Sovereign Way Christian Academy
  Spectrum Center Schools and Programs
  Spectrum Schools San Gorgonio
  St. Adelaide
  St. Catherine of Siena
  St. George
  St. Joseph Elementary
  St. Margaret Mary
  St. Peter and St. Paul School
  Sunshine Montessori School
  The Rock Christian School
  The Shepherd's Flock Academy
  Truth Tabernacle Christian Academy
  Upland Christian Academy
  Valley Preparatory School
  Valley Star High School
  Victor Valley Christian Elementary
  Victor Valley Christian High School
  Victor Valley Desert Christian
  Victor Valley SDA
  Western Christian High
  Westside Christian School
  Wildwood Christian Academy
  Windsor Hills Academy
  Windsor Hills Academy
  Wrightwood Montessori School
  Zion Lutheran School and Preschool
  Academia de Talar
  Academy of Our Lady of Peace
  Adventureland Christian Preschool
  Agnus Dei Academy
  All Hallows Academy
  Alpha and Omega Academy
  Army and Navy Academy
  Aseltine School
  Balboa City School
  Banyan Tree Foundations Academy- Mira Mesa
  Banyan Tree Foundations Academy-Point Loma
  Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Elementary
  Berean Bible Baptist Academy
  Berean Christian Academy
  Beta-Selam Academy
  Bethel Academy
  Big Tree Little Preschool Kindergarten
  Bishop's School, The
  Blessed Sacrament Elementary
  Bonita Country Day School
  Bonita Learning Academy
  Brookshire International Academy
  Cal Coast Academy
  Calvary Christian Academy
  Calvary Online School
  Calvin Christian
  CASE Educational Program
  Cathedral Catholic High School
  Chabad Hebrew Academy
  Children's Creative and Performing Arts
  Children's Workshop
  Child's Primary, The
  Christ Church Day School
  Christ Lutheran Elementary
  Christ the Cornerstone Lutheran Academy
  Christa McAuliffe Academy School of arts and Sciences
  Christian Elementary East
  Christian Elementary West
  Christian Junior/Senior High
  Christian Life Academy
  City Tree Christian
  Comprehensive Ed Svs, DBA: Aces Academy
  Cook Education Center
  Cooperative Learning Center
  Country Montessori School of Poway
  Covenant Christian
  Dayspring Christian Learning Center
  Del Mar Montessori
  Del Mar Pines School
  Del Rey Schools
  Discovery Isle
  Discovery Isle Child Development Center
  Discovery Isle Child Development Center
  Discovery Isle Child Development Center
  Dunamis Academy & Dunamis Learning Center
  Edison Academy
  El Cajon Seventh-day Adventist
  Encanto Christian Academcy
  Encinitas Country Day School
  English French Learning Academy
  Escondido Adventist Academy
  Escondido Christian School
  Espinoza Private Homeschool
  Excelsior Academy
  Faith Lutheran Elementary
  Faithful Ambassadors Bible Baptist Academy
  Family Education Academy
  Foothills Christian High School
  Foothills Christian School
  Francis Parker School
  Fred Finch Youth Center
  Fusion Academy Solana Beach
  Getsemani Bible Heritage School of Escondido
  Gillispie School, The
  Good Shepherd Catholic
  Grace Academy
  Grace Christian
  Grace Christian School
  Grauer, The
  Growing Tree Academy
  Halstrom Academy-Carlsbad
  Halstrom Academy-San Diego
  Heartland Christian Homeschool Center, Inc.
  Heritage Christian School of San Diego
  Heritage School
  Hidden Valley Homeschool
  High Bluff Academy
  Holy Family Elementary
  Holy Trinity Elementary
  Honor Christian School
  Horizon Christian Academy
  Horizon Prep
  House of Gold Academy
  Islamic School of San Diego
  Kinderhouse Montessori School
  Kuyper Preparatory School
  La Costa Valley Preschool and Kindergarten
  La Jolla Country Day School
  Learning Academy, The
  Legacy Montessori School
  LePort School Carlsbad Village
  LePort School Solana Beach
  Lifetime Montessori School
  Linda Cheney
  Little Geeks Transitional Kindergarten Program
  Living Waters Academy
  Lutheran High School of San Diego
  Maranatha Christian Schools
  Maria Montessori School
  Masoretes (The Masters of Tradition)
  Mater Dei Catholic High School
  Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy
  Meridian Academy
  Mindful Montessori School
  Mira Mesa Christian School
  Mission Bay Montessori Academy
  Montessori Academy
  Montessori American School
  Montessori Explorer
  Montessori School of Oceanside # 2
  Montessosri Child Development Center
  Morning Star Ranch Training Program
  Mt. Erie Christian Academy
  Mt. Helix Academy
  National University Virtual High School
  Nativity Prep Academy
  Nativity School, The
  Nazareth School of San Diego, Inc
  NewBridge School
  North County Christian School
  Notre Dame Academy
  Ocean View Christian Academy
  Oceanside Adventist Elementary
  Old Mission Montessori School
  Our Lady of Grace School
  Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
  Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
  Our Lady's School
  Pa Dahring Academy
  Pacific Academy
  Pacific Academy K-6
  Pacific Independent Education
  Pacific International Academy
  Pacific Ridge School
  Palomar Valley Christian Academy
  Pilgrim Lutheran
  Pine Glen Academy
  Pioneer Day School - Community School of San Diego
  Ramona Christian Academy
  Ramona Faith Academy
  Ramona Lutheran
  Rancho Encinitas Academy
  Redeemer by the Sea Lutheran Kindergarten and Preschool
  Regents of the University of California, San Diego Early Childhood Education Center
  Regina Caeli Academy
  Renaissance Village Academy
  Rockview Academy
  Royal Academy of Hebrew Education
  Sacred Heart Parish School
  Sacred Woven Circle
  Saint Charles Borromeo Academy
  Saint John School
  Saint John's Episcopal School
  Saint Joseph Academy
  Saint Kieran Catholic School
  Sam and Rose Stein Education Center
  Sam and Rose Stein Education Center - Transition Site
  San Diego Academy
  San Diego Center for Children Academy
  San Diego French–American School
  San Diego Jewish Academy
  San Diego Liberal Arts Academy
  Sanderling Waldorf School
  Santa Fe Christian Schools
  Santa Sophia Academy
  School of the Madeleine
  Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran
  Shiloh Christian Academy
  Sierra Academy of San Diego
  Soille San Diego Hebrew Day
  Son Valley Academy
  South Bay Christian Academy
  South San Diego Christian Academy (SSDCA)
  Southern California Yeshiva High School
  Springall Academy
  St. Augustine High School
  St. Charles Elementary
  St. Columba
  St. Didacus Parish School
  St. Francis of Assisi
  St. Gregory the Great Catholic School
  St. James Academy
  St. John of the Cross School
  St. Martin of Tours Academy
  St. Mary School
  St. Mary Star of the Sea Elementary
  St. Michael Academy
  St. Michael's School
  St. Patrick Catholic School
  St. Patrick's Elementary
  St. Paul's Lutheran
  St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School
  St. Pius X
  St. Rita's School
  St. Rose of Lima School
  St. Therese Academy
  St. Vincent de Paul
  Stella Maris Academy
  Tecate Christian
  TERI Learning Academy
  The Arch Academy
  The Cambridge School
  The Children's School
  The Koonings Center
  The Rock Academy
  The True Vine Christian School
  The Winston School
  Therapeutic Literacy Center
  Torah High Schools of San Diego
  Tri-City Christian Schools
  Trinity Christian School
  True Faith Academy
  Urban Skills Center
  Valley Christian School
  Village Gate Children's Academy
  Vision International Academy
  Vista Christian
  Vista Faith Academy
  Vista Training Program
  Waldorf School of San Diego
  Warren-Walker School/La Mesa
  Warren-Walker, Inc.
  Zion Lutheran
  Adda Clevenger School
  Alta Vista School
  AltSchool, PBC
  AltSchool, PBC
  AltSchool, PBC
  AltSchool, PBC
  AltSchool, PBC
  Archbishop Riordan High
  Bridgemont High School
  Cathedral School For Boys
  Children's Day School
  Chinese American International School
  Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary
  Convent of the Sacred Heart High School
  Cornerstone Academy–Cambridge Campus
  Cornerstone Academy-Silver Campus
  De Marillac Academy
  Drew School
  Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires
  Epiphany Elementary
  Eureka Learning Center
  Fei Tian Academy of the Arts California
  French American International School
  Fusion Academy - San Francisco
  German Int'l School of Silicon Valley
  Golden Bridges School
  Hamlin, The
  Hergl School
  Hillwood Academic Day
  Holy Name Elementary
  Immaculate Conception Academy
  Jewish Community High School of the Bay
  Katherine Delmar Burke School
  Katherine Michiels School
  Kittredge, Inc.
  Krouzian Zekarian Armenian School
  La Scuola Internazionale di San Francisco
  Lick-Wilmerding High School
  Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy
  Live Oak School
  Lycee Francais de San Francisco
  Lycee Francais de San Francisco
  Mercy High School
  Mission Dolores Academy
  Montessori House of Children
  Mt. Vernon Christian Academy
  One Fifty Parker Avenue School
  Our Lady of the Visitacion Elementary
  Presidio Hill School
  Presidio Knolls School
  Proof School
  RISE Institute
  Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
  Saint Anne School
  Saint Brigid School
  Saint Mary STEM Catholic School
  Saint Monica School
  Saint Vincent de Paul
  San Francisco Adventist
  San Francisco Christian School
  San Francisco City Academy
  San Francisco Day School
  San Francisco Friends School
  San Francisco International School
  San Francisco Pacific Academy
  San Francisco School, The
  San Francisco Schoolhouse
  San Francisco Waldorf School
  St. Anthony–Immaculate Conception
  St. Brendan Elementary
  St. Cecilia Elementary
  St. Charles Borromeo School
  St. Finn Barr Catholic School
  St. Gabriel Elementary
  St. Ignatius College Preparatory
  St. James School
  St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Acade
  St. John the Evangelist
  St. Paul's
  St. Peter's School
  St. Philip School
  St. Stephen School
  St. Thomas More
  St. Thomas the Apostle School
  Star of the Sea School
  Sterne School
  Stratford School
  Sts. Peter and Paul Elementary
  Stuart Hall For Boys
  Stuart Hall High School
  Synergy School
  The Bay School of San Francisco
  The Brandeis School of San Francisco
  Town School for Boys
  Urban School of San Francisco
  Voice of Pentecost Academy
  Wen Jian Ying
  Woodside International School
  Youth Chance High School
  Bella Vista Christian Academy
  Brookside Christian Elementary
  Brookside Christian High School
  Cathedral of the Annunciation School
  Children's Home of Stockton NPS
  Cornerstone Christian School
  First Baptist Christian Schools
  Golden State Academy
  Jim Elliot Christian High School
  JT Ranch School
  Life Training Academy
  Lodi Academy
  Lodi Christian School
  Lodi Seventh-day Adventist Elementary
  Manteca Adventist Christian School
  Merryhill Elementary School
  Montessori School of Mountain House
  Presentation Parish School
  Ripon Christian
  Saint Mary's High School
  Sierra View Christian
  South San Joaquin Education Center
  St. Anne Elementary
  St. Anthony of Padua
  St. Bernard's Catholic Elementary
  St. George Parish School
  St. Luke School
  St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran
  Stockton Accelerated Institute of Learning
  Stockton Baptist School
  Stockton Christian Academy
  Tracy Seventh-day Adventist Christian
  Victory Academy
  Vineyard Christian Middle School
  West Valley Christian Academy
  World Changers Academy
  ACTS Advanced Christian Training Schools
  Calvary Christian
  Central Coast International School
  Children's House Montessori
  Coastal Christian School
  Cornerstone Christian
  Heartland Christian Academy
  Highland Preparatory School
  Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School
  Montessori Children's
  North County Christian
  Old Mission School
  Saint Rose Catholic School
  San Luis Obispo Christian School
  San Luis Obispo Classical Academy
  Santa Lucia
  SLO Christian Academy
  St. Patrick Parochial Elementary
  Templeton Hills Adventist School
  Trinity Lutheran School
  Valley View Adventist Academy
  Wishing Well School
  All Souls Catholic Elementary
  Alma Heights Christian Academy
  Arbor Bay School
  Avalon Academy, The
  Beechwood School
  Belmont Oaks Academy
  Centennial Montessori School
  Charles Armstrong School
  Compass High School
  Creekside Learning Lab
  Crystal Springs Uplands School
  Dawn Christian Academy
  Eastside College Preparatory School
  Fusion Academy - San Mateo
  German-American International School
  Gloria Dei Lutheran School
  Good Shepherd Elementary
  Grace Lutheran
  Halstrom Academy - San Mateo
  Highlands Christian Schools
  Hilldale School
  Holy Angels Elementary
  Holy Family School of St. Francis Center
  Immaculate Heart of Mary School
  Junipero Serra High School
  Kiddie Garden Pre School
  Kids' Connection
  La Escuelita Christian Academy
  Lydian Academy
  Mercy High
  Mid-Peninsula Education Center
  Nativity Catholic School K-8
  Notre Dame Elementary
  Notre Dame High School
  Odyssey School
  Our Lady of Angels Elementary
  Our Lady of Mercy Elementary
  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  Pacific Rim International School
  Peninsula School, Ltd
  Phillips Brooks School
  Redeemer Lutheran School
  Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School
  Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton
  Sea Crest School
  Serendipity School
  Spectrum Center Peninsula Campus
  St. Catherine of Siena Elementary
  St. Charles Elementary
  St. Dunstan's Elementary
  St. Gregory
  St. Matthew Catholic
  St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School
  St. Pius Elementary
  St. Raymond's
  St. Robert
  St. Timothy School
  St. Veronica Catholic School
  Stratford School
  The Carey School
  The Learning Studios, Inc.
  The Nueva School
  Trinity School
  Wilkinson School
  Wings Learning Center
  Woodland School
  Woodside Priory
  Anacapa, The
  Bishop Garcia Diego High School
  Cachuma Elementary & Junior High School
  Cate School
  Children's Montessori School
  Coastline Christian Academy
  Crane Country Day School
  Dunn School
  Eagles Christian Academy
  El Montecito School
  Eureka School of Santa Barbara
  First Baptist Christian School
  Fox Christian School
  Garden Street Academy
  Grace Academy
  La Purisima Concepcion Elementary
  Laguna Blanca School
  Lighthouse Baptist School
  linda Jane Baird
  Los Olivos Academy
  Marymount of Santa Barbara
  Midland School
  Montessori Center School
  New Life Christian Academy
  Northgate Christian Academy
  Notre Dame
  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Elementary
  Pacific Christian
  Providence - A Santa Barbara Christian School
  Saint Therese Classical Academy
  Santa Barbara Middle School
  Santa Barbara Montessori School
  Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy
  St. Joseph High
  St. Louis de Montfort Elementary
  St. Mary of the Assumption School
  St. Raphael Elementary
  Stone Family School
  The Howard Carden School
  The Knox School of Santa Barbara
  The Santa Ynez Valley Family School
  Valley Christian Academy
  Waldorf School of Santa Barbara, The
  Achieve, Inc.
  Achiever Christian
  Almaden Valley Christian
  AltSchool, PBC
  Apostles Lutheran
  AppleSeed Montessori School
  Archbishop Mitty High
  As-Safa Institute/As-Safa Academy
  Athena Academy
  BASIS Independent Silicon Valley
  Beacon School
  Bellarmine College Preparatory
  Bowman School
  Calvary Christian Academy
  Cambrian Academy
  Campbell Christian Schools
  Canterbury Christian School
  Canyon Heights Academy
  Carden Academy of Almaden
  Carden Day School of San Jose
  Casa dei Bambini School
  Casa Di Mir Montessori Elementary
  Castilleja School
  Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale
  Challenger - Berryessa
  Challenger - Harwood
  Challenger - Middlefield
  Challenger - Saratoga
  Challenger - Shawnee
  Challenger - Strawberry Park
  Challenger - Sunnyvale
  Champion Kinder International School
  Champion School
  Christ the King Academy
  Cornerstone Learning Foundation
  Creative Learning Center
  Cristo Rey San Jose High School
  Crossroads Christian School
  Deerwood Institute
  Delphi Academy of Campbell
  East Vally Christian School
  Esther B. Clark School
  Fusion Academy Palo Alto
  Fusion Academy, Los Gatos
  German Int'l School of Silicon Valley
  Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
  Girls' Middle School, The
  Granada Islamic
  Halstrom Academy - Cupertino
  Harker School, The
  HEART Academy
  Helios New School
  Heritage Academy
  Heritage Academy
  Hillbrook School
  Holy Family School
  Holy Spirit
  Hope Technology
  Imagination School
  International School of the Peninsula
  International School of the Peninsula
  Kehillah Jewish High School
  Keys Family Day School
  Keys Family Day School
  Khan Lab School
  Learning Pathways Kindergarten
  Learning Springs Academy
  Legacy Christian School
  Legend College Preparatory
  Live Oak Academy
  Livengood Academy
  Living Wisdom School of Palo Alto
  Los Gatos Christian School
  Meira Academy
  Milpitas Christian School
  Milpitas Foothill Seventh-day
  Milpitas Montessori School
  Miramonte Elementary
  Monarch Christian Academy
  Monticello Academy
  Monticello Academy
  Morgan Autism Center
  Most Holy Trinity School
  Mount Bell Academy
  Mountain View Academy
  Mulberry School
  Munchkin Academy and Advancing Minds
  Njeri's Morning Glory School and Art Center
  North Valley Baptist Schools
  Notre Dame High School San Jose
  Old Orchard School
  One World Montessori School
  One World Montessori School
  One World Montessori School Inc.
  Our Lady of Grace
  Pacific Autism Center for Education
  Pacific Point Christian Schools
  Palo Alto Preparatory School
  Peach Blossom School
  Pine Hill School Second Start Learning D
  Pinewood Private–Lower Campus
  Pinewood Private–Middle Campus
  Pinewood Private–Upper Campus
  Pioneer Family Academy
  Presentation High School
  Primary Plus Elementary School
  Queen of Apostles School
  Rainbow Montessori Child Development Center
  Resurrection Elementary
  SABA Academy
  Sacred Heart Nativity School
  Sacred Heart School
  Saint Lawrence Academy
  San Jose
  San Jose Montessori School
  Santa Clara Christian
  Scholars Academy
  School for Independent Learners
  Serra Academy
  Sierra Elementary and High
  Silicon Valley Academy
  South Peninsula Hebrew Day School
  Spring Academy
  Springbridge International School
  St. Catherine Elementary
  St. Christopher Catholic School
  St. Clare Elementary
  St. Elizabeth Seton
  St. Frances Cabrini Elementary School
  St. Francis High School
  St. John the Baptist Catholic
  St. John Vianney
  St. Joseph Catholic
  St. Joseph of Cupertino Elementary
  St. Justin
  St. Lawrence Elementary and Middle School
  St. Leo the Great School
  St. Lucy Parish School
  St. Martin of Tours School
  St. Mary, Gilroy
  St. Mary's Elementary
  St. Nicholas Elementary
  St. Patrick Elementary
  St. Simon Parish School
  St. Timothy's Lutheran
  St. Victor School
  Stanford University Online High School
  Starbright School
  Starbright School - Campbell Campus
  Stellar Learning Academy
  Stratford Middle School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Stratford School
  Sunnyvale Christian
  The Children's School of Art and Science
  The Creekside School
  The King's Academy
  The learning academy
  The Way of The Master School
  Trinity Christian School
  Trust Primary School
  Valley Christian Elementary
  Valley Christian High School
  Valley Christian Junior High
  Valley International Academy
  Waldorf School of the Peninsula
  Waldorf School of the Peninsula
  West Valley Christian School
  West Valley Middle School
  Yavneh Day
  Yew Chung International School - Silicon Valley
  Bay School, The
  Baymonte Christian School
  Beach High School
  Central Christian School
  Coryell Autism Center
  Gateway School
  Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School
  Good Shepherd Catholic School
  Green Valley Christian School
  Holy Cross
  Magic Apple School
  Merit Academy
  Merton Academy
  Monte Vista Christian
  Monterey Bay Academy
  Monterey Coast Preparatory
  Moreland Notre Dame
  Mount Madonna School
  Pacific Sands Academy
  Salesian Elementary and Jr. High
  Santa Cruz Children's School
  Santa Cruz Montessori
  Spring Hill Advanced School
  St. Abraham's Classical Christian Academy
  St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High
  St. Lawrence Academy
  Tara Redwood School
  Twin Lakes Christian
  VHM Christian
  Wilderness Skills Institute
  American Christian Academy
  Beacon Hill Christian Academy
  Bethel Christian School
  Country Christian School
  Crossroads Christian School
  Grace Christian Academy
  Grace Presbyterian
  Hope Schools International
  Lakeview Private School
  Liberty Christian Schools
  Montessori Children's House of Shady Oaks
  North State Christian Academy
  North Valley School, Redding
  Quail Creek Academy
  Redding Adventist Academy
  Redding Christian School
  Redding Montessori School
  River View Christian Academy
  Seeds of Wisdom Academy
  Shasta Baptist Schools
  St. Joseph
  Trinity Lutheran School
  Covenant Chapel Bible Academy
  I AM School
  Mt Shasta Homeschoolers
  Scott Valley Christian Academy
  Siskiyou Christian School
  Yreka Adventist Christian School
  Bethany Lutheran
  Caelestis Valores Academy
  Fairfield Christian School
  Faith Academy
  Holy Spirit Elementary
  Mosaic Christian School
  Neighborhood Christian School
  North Hills Christian School
  Notre Dame School
  Shining Star Childrens House
  Sierra School of Solano County
  Solano Christian Academy
  Spectrum Center-Solano
  St. Basil's
  St. Catherine of Siena School
  St. Dominic
  St. Patrick–St. Vincent High School
  St. Vincent Ferrer School
  Starting Gate School
  Throne of Grace Academy
  Vacaville Adventist Christian School
  Vacaville Christian Schools
  We "R" Family Christian School
  Anova Center for Education, Santa Rosa, Site 1
  Archbishop Hanna High School
  Bennett Valley School of the Arts and Classical Studies
  Cardinal Newman High School
  Clarus Academy
  Covenant Christian Academy
  Crescent Montessori School
  Cross and Crown Lutheran
  Cypress Primary School
  Cypress School
  Early Glimmers School
  Feather Ridge Academy
  Harvest Christian School
  Lattice Educational Services
  Luedecke Learning
  Muir Wood Learning Center
  Mulberry Farm
  New Directions Non-public School
  New Horizon School and Learning Center
  New Song School
  North Valley School–Santa Rosa
  Paideia Educational Heritage
  Pleasant Hill Christian
  Plumfield Academy
  Presentation School, The
  Redwood Adventist Academy
  Redwood Legacy Christian School Private School Satellite Program
  Rincon Valley Christian
  Rio Lindo Adventist Academy
  Saint Vincent de Paul High School
  SoloQuest School & Learning Center
  Sonoma Academy
  Sonoma Country Day School
  Sonoma Valley Academy, Inc.
  St. Eugene Cathedral School
  St. Francis Solano
  St. John the Baptist Catholic School
  St. Rose
  Stony Point Christian Academy
  Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm
  The Healdsburg School
  Windsor Christian Academy
  Berean Christian School
  Big Valley Christian
  Brethren Heritage School
  Central Catholic High School
  Central Valley Christian Academy
  East Valley Education Center
  Hearthstone Christian
  Heritage Christian
  Kirk Baucher
  Modesto Christian Elemenetary
  Modesto Christian High
  New Harvest Christian
  Oakdale Academy
  Our Lady of Fatima
  Reyn Franca
  Sacred Heart Catholic
  Sacred Heart Elementary
  Sierra Vista Learning Center
  St. Stanislaus School
  Stanislaus Academy
  Straight Arrow Academy
  Sunshine Academy
  Turlock Christian Elementary
  Turlock Christian Junior / Senior High
  Adventist Christian School
  California Education Network School
  Faith Christian Schools
  Grace Christian Academy
  St. Isidore Catholic School
  Stone Hearth Academy
  Adventist Christian Elementary School
  Calvary Christian Academy
  Lassen View Christian School
  Olive Tree Academy
  Parkdale Christian Academy
  Sacred Heart Parish School
  Shata View Academy
  Primanti Montessori School- Whittier
  Abba Redeeming Christian School
  Central Valley Christian School Society
  Christian Pilgrims School
  Courage to Change, Inc.
  Dayspring Christian School
  Dinuba Junior Academy Christian School
  Emmanuel Christian Academy
  Grace Christian School
  Heritage Christian Academy
  Love In Deed
  Olson Acadamy
  Porterville Apostolic Christian Academy
  Sierra View Junior Academy
  St. Aloysius
  St. Anne
  St. Paul's School
  The Catholic School of Visalia - George McCann Campus
  Towanits School
  Tulare Christian School
  Valley View
  Vis Christian School
  Visalia Montessori School
  Zion Lutheran
  Cornerstone Family Christian, Inc.
  Mother Lode Adventist Junior Academy
  Mother Lode Christian School
  Safari Learning Academy
  Sierra Waldorf School
  Adat Y'shua Academy
  Ascension Lutheran
  Assistance League School
  Beacon Hill Classical Academy
  Besant Hill School of Happy Valley
  Bethany Christian School
  Bright Stars Academy
  Calvary Christian School
  Carden Conejo School
  Channel Islands Academy
  Children "R" Us
  Children "R" Us Child Development Center, Inc.
  College Heights Christian School
  Community SchoolHouse
  Conejo Adventist Elementary School
  Cornerstone Christian
  El Shaddai Academy
  Evanwood School
  Faith Academy
  Faith Academy Homeschool
  Fillmore Christian Academy
  First Baptist Accelerated Academy
  Global Village School
  Goldenwest Montessori Schools, Inc.
  Good Shepherd Lutheran
  Grace Academy, The
  Grace Brethren Elementary
  Grace Brethren Junior–Senior High School
  Grace Christian Academy
  Halstrom Academy - Westlake Village
  Heritage Christian Academy of Simi Valley
  Hillcrest Christian
  Holy Cross School
  Hope Academy
  Hueneme Christian School
  International Virtual Learning Academy
  La Reina High School
  Lamplighters Jewish Academy
  Laurel Springs
  Liberty Christian Academy
  Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School
  Malibu Cove Private
  Monica Ros School
  Montessori One
  Montessori School of Ojai
  Moorpark KinderCare
  Mother of Divine Grace
  New Harvest Christian School
  Newbury Park Adventist Academy
  Oak Crest Academy
  Oak Grove
  Ojai Valley School
  Our Lady of Guadalupe Elementary
  Our Lady of the Assumption
  Peppermint Junction
  Phoenix Ranch School
  Pinecrest Schools - Moorpark
  Pinecrest Schools - Simi Valley
  Pleasant Valley Christian
  Prado Learning Academy
  Revo Academy
  Sacred Heart
  Saint Bonaventure High School
  Santa Clara Elementary
  Santa Clara High School
  School of Science Technology Engineering and Math
  Simi Valley Adventist School
  Solimar Academy
  St. Anne's Academy
  St. Anthony's Elementary
  St. Augustine Academy
  St. John's Lutheran
  St. Mary Magdalen
  St. Michael'sAcademy in the Mountains
  St. Paschal Baylon Elementary
  St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School
  St. Peter Claver Preschool & Kindergarten
  St. Rose of Lima Elementary
  St. Sebastian
  Stoneridge Preparatory
  The Thacher School
  Trinity Pacific Christian School
  Valley Bible Academy
  Ventura Christian Academy
  Ventura Missionary Christian
  Villanova Preparatory School
  Weil Tennis Academy and College Preparatory School
  Westlake Montessori School
  Bryte Christian Academy
  City of Dharma Realm Instilling Goodness Elementary & Developing Virtue Secondary Schools
  Community Christian Academy
  Cornerstone Christian Academy of Woodland
  Davis Waldorf School
  Grace Valley Christian Academy
  Holy Cross Academy
  Holy Rosary Parish School
  Liberty Academy
  Living Waters Christian Academy
  Our Lady of Grace
  Peregrine School
  Redbud Montessori
  St. James Elementary
  Woodland Christian Schools
  God's Christian School
  Gowin Family Academy
  New Life Christian
  Michael Capelli
  Samuel Garber
  The Lights of God Academy Homeschool
  Academy of Art University
  ITT Technical Institute-Rancho Cordova
  Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences
  The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting
  Avalon School of Cosmetology-Alameda
  American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles
  American Baptist Seminary of the West
  American Film Institute Conservatory
  American Beauty College
  American Career College-Los Angeles
  American Conservatory Theater
  Art Center College of Design
  Associated Technical College-Los Angeles
  Associated Technical College-San Diego
  Azusa Pacific University
  Bellus Academy-National City
  Bethesda University
  Biola University
  Brooks Institute
  Brownson Technical School
  Bryan University
  Phillips Graduate Institute
  California Institute of Integral Studies
  California Baptist University
  California College of the Arts
  California Institute of Technology
  California Lutheran University
  Alliant International University-San Diego
  Sofia University
  California Beauty School
  California Christian College
  Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-San Francisco
  California Hair Design Academy
  California Institute of the Arts
  California Western School of Law
  Career Academy of Beauty
  Casa Loma College-Van Nuys
  CET-San Diego
  CET-El Centro
  CET-San Bernardino
  Chapman University
  Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science
  Concordia University-Irvine
  San Diego Christian College
  Church Divinity School of the Pacific
  Citrus Heights Beauty College
  Claremont Graduate University
  Claremont McKenna College
  Milan Institute-Visalia
  Cogswell College
  Coleman University
  COBA Academy
  Western University of Health Sciences
  Columbia College-Hollywood
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-Hemet
  International School of Beauty Inc
  Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre
  Design Institute of San Diego
  Dominican University of California
  Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-Santa Clara
  Elegance International
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-Burbank
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-Moreno Valley
  Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
  Empire College School of Business
  Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles
  Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Francisco
  Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Orange County
  Federico Beauty Institute
  Fielding Graduate University
  Five Branches University
  Hair California Beauty Academy
  Redondo Beach Beauty College
  Franciscan School of Theology
  Fredrick and Charles Beauty College
  Fresno Pacific University
  Fuller Theological Seminary in California
  Gemological Institute of America-Carlsbad
  Glendale Career College
  Golden Gate University-San Francisco
  Graduate Theological Union
  Salon Success Academy-San Bernardino
  Harvey Mudd College
  Heald College-Rancho Cordova
  Heald College-Fresno
  Heald College-San Jose
  Heald College-San Francisco
  Heald College-Concord
  Hilltop Beauty School
  Holy Names University
  Pacifica Graduate Institute
  Humphreys College-Stockton and Modesto Campuses
  Institute for Business and Technology
  Interior Designers Institute
  Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy-Santa Monica
  ITT Technical Institute-National City
  ITT Technical Institute-San Dimas
  ITT Technical Institute-Orange
  Bellus Academy-El Cajon
  John F. Kennedy University
  American Jewish University
  Life Pacific College
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University San Diego
  University of La Verne
  Laguna College of Art and Design
  Lancaster Beauty School
  Life Chiropractic College West
  Lincoln University
  Southern California Seminary
  La Sierra University
  Loma Linda University
  Southern California University of Health Sciences
  The Master's College and Seminary
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University San Francisco
  Loyola Marymount University
  Lu Ross Academy
  Manchester Beauty College
  Tulare Beauty College
  Lyles Bakersfield College of Beauty
  Lyles Fresno College of Beauty
  Lytles Redwood Empire Beauty College Inc
  MTI Business College Inc
  MTI College
  Kaplan College-Sacramento
  Kaplan College-San Diego
  Kaplan College-Vista
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-Los Angeles
  Marymount California University
  Menlo College
  Mills College
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-San Francisco
  Modern Beauty Academy
  Kaplan College-North Hollywood
  Moler Barber College
  Monterey Institute of International Studies
  Mount Saint Mary's University
  Mueller College
  Musicians Institute
  Everest College-Reseda
  Everest College-Gardena
  Everest College-Alhambra
  Everest College-San Bernardino
  The National Hispanic University
  National Holistic Institute
  National University
  Newschool of Architecture and Design
  Newberry School of Beauty
  Adrian's College of Beauty Modesto
  North-West College-Pomona
  North-West College-West Covina
  North-West College-Pasadena
  Northwestern Polytechnic University
  Notre Dame de Namur University
  Occidental College
  Oceanside College of Beauty
  Otis College of Art and Design
  Hope International University
  Concorde Career College-San Diego
  Palo Alto University
  Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
  Pacific Oaks College
  Pacific School of Religion
  Pacific States University
  Pacific Union College
  University of the Pacific
  Paris Beauty College
  Pepperdine University
  Pitzer College
  Platt College-San Diego
  Point Loma Nazarene University
  Pomona College
  Westwood College-South Bay
  Professional Institute of Beauty
  Pardee RAND Graduate School
  Shasta School of Cosmetology
  University of Redlands
  Salon Success Academy-Upland
  Salon Success Academy-Corona
  Argosy University-San Francisco Bay Area
  Rosemead Beauty School
  Dongguk University-Los Angeles
  Rudolf Steiner College
  Samuel Merritt University
  Golf Academy of America-Carlsbad
  University of San Diego
  San Francisco Art Institute
  San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  San Francisco Theological Seminary
  University of San Francisco
  San Joaquin College of Law
  San Joaquin Valley College-Visalia
  William Jessup University
  Santa Barbara Business College-Bakersfield
  Westwood College-Los Angeles
  Santa Barbara Business College-Santa Maria
  Santa Clara University
  Saybrook University
  Scripps College
  Shasta Bible College and Graduate School
  Sierra College of Beauty
  Sierra Valley College of Court Reporting
  Trinity Law School
  Simpson University
  Saint Mary's College of California
  Pinnacle College
  South Baylo University
  South Coast College
  Vanguard University of Southern California
  Concorde Career College-Garden Grove
  St John's Seminary
  Starr King School for Ministry
  Marshall B Ketchum University
  Southern California Institute of Architecture
  University of Southern California
  Southwestern Law School
  Claremont School of Theology
  Thomas Aquinas College
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-Lake Forest
  Epic Bible College
  United Education Institute-Huntington Park Campus
  Concorde Career College-San Bernardino
  Universal College of Beauty Inc-Los Angeles 1
  Concorde Career College-North Hollywood
  The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law-Ventura
  Victor Valley Beauty College Inc
  Waynes College of Beauty
  Carrington College-Sacramento
  Westminster Theological Seminary in California
  Westmont College
  Whittier College
  Woodbury University
  The Wright Institute
  Western State College of Law at Argosy University
  Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad West Coast Talmudical Seminary
  Ashford University
  Stanford University
  ITT Technical Institute-Sylmar
  Antioch University-Los Angeles
  Antioch University-Santa Barbara
  Carrington College-San Leandro
  Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Diego
  Platt College-Los Angeles
  Bethel Seminary-San Diego
  Brandman University
  Adrian's College of Beauty Turlock
  California Career School
  San Joaquin Valley College-Fresno
  Heald College-Roseville
  Palomar Institute of Cosmetology
  InterCoast Colleges-Orange
  Kaplan College-Modesto
  Madera Beauty College
  University of St Augustine for Health Sciences
  Hypnosis Motivation Institute
  Los Angeles ORT College-Los Angeles Campus
  Everest College-West Los Angeles
  Thanh Le College School of Cosmetology
  Everest College-Ontario
  Heald College-Stockton
  Heald College-Hayward
  CRU Institute
  Modern Technology School
  National Career Education
  Everest College-Anaheim
  Thuy Princess Beauty College
  North-West College-Glendale
  Everest College-City of Industry
  Fremont College
  Universal College of Beauty Inc-Los Angeles 2
  Bellus Academy-Poway
  Capstone College
  Central Coast College
  ITT Technical Institute-Torrance
  Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-San Diego
  CET-Santa Maria
  ITT Technical Institute-San Bernardino
  Los Angeles ORT College-Van Nuys Campus
  Royale College of Beauty
  Westech College
  Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College-Berkeley
  Alhambra Beauty College
  UEI College-Gardena
  Asian American International Beauty College
  Avance Beauty College
  Diversified Vocational College
  Bristol University
  UEI College-Fresno
  Mt Sierra College
  Wyotech-Long Beach
  Southern California Institute of Technology
  Soka University of America
  Summit College
  Advance Beauty College
  World Mission University
  Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Coast Career Institute
  Heald College-Salinas
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University Hollywood
  Sage College
  Marian Health Careers Center-Los Angeles Campus
  Crimson Technical College
  ITT Technical Institute-Oxnard
  Four-D College
  Premiere Career College
  Estes Institute of Cosmetology Arts and Science
  Marinello Schools of Beauty-Sacramento
  Central California School
  Colleen O'Haras Beauty Academy
  San Joaquin Valley College-Fresno Aviation
  Champion Institute of Cosmetology
  Pacific College
  American College of Healthcare
  Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Pasadena
  John Wesley International Barber and Beauty College
  American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Everest College-Torrance
  Institute of Technology Inc
  Virginia Sewing Machines and School Center
  Kaplan College-Riverside
  Platt College-Ontario
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University Los Angeles
  American University of Health Sciences
  Career Networks Institute
  Santa Barbara Business College-Ventura
  Pima Medical Institute-Chula Vista
  Charter College-Canyon Country
  Los Angeles Film School
  Argosy University-Orange County
  ITT Technical Institute-Lathrop
  The English Center
  ICDC College
  Professional Golfers Career College
  Westwood College-Anaheim
  InterCoast Colleges-Burbank
  Carrington College-San Jose
  Carrington College-Pleasant Hill
  Universal Technical Institute of California Inc
  CBD College
  My Le's Beauty College
  Bryan College-Gold River
  PCI College
  American Career College at St Francis
  Keck Graduate Institute
  Everest College-Ontario Metro
  Westwood College-Inland Empire
  Miami Ad School-San Francisco
  American Career College-Anaheim
  West Coast Ultrasound Institute
  Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences at City of Hope
  Design's School of Cosmetology
  Paul Mitchell the School-Santa Barbara
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University Orange County
  David's Academy of Beauty
  Paul Mitchell the School-Costa Mesa
  San Joaquin Valley College-Ontario
  Milan Institute-Palm Desert
  InterCoast Colleges-Riverside
  University of Antelope Valley
  California Healing Arts College
  International Technological University
  NTMA Training Centers of Southern California
  West Coast University-Los Angeles
  InterCoast Colleges-West Covina
  ATI College-Norwalk
  Advanced College
  Advanced Training Associates
  CES College
  Computer Tutor Business and Technical Institute
  North-West College-Riverside
  Cambridge Junior College-Yuba City
  Career Care Institute
  Community Christian College
  Los Angeles College of Music
  Stanbridge College
  United States University
  Kaplan College-Bakersfield
  Kaplan College-Fresno
  Argosy University-Los Angeles
  San Joaquin Valley College-Modesto
  Expression College for Digital Arts
  Kaplan College-Palm Springs
  California Career College
  Palladium Technical Academy
  Palace Beauty College
  National Polytechnic College
  American Career College-Ontario
  Asher College
  American Institute of Massage Therapy
  University of East-West Medicine
  Blake Austin College
  SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary
  San Joaquin Valley College-Rancho Cordova
  San Joaquin Valley College-Central Administrative Office
  Universal Technical Institute of Northern California Inc
  ITT Technical Institute-Clovis
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University Inland Empire
  Milan Institute-Clovis
  Make-up Designory
  Video Symphony
  Gnomon School of Visual Effects
  Coachella Valley Beauty College
  Career College of California
  Valley College of Medical Careers
  University of the West
  Paul Mitchell the School-San Diego
  Paul Mitchell the School-Sherman Oaks
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University Sacramento
  International Academy of Design and Technology-Sacramento
  Argosy University-Inland Empire
  Argosy University-San Diego
  InterCoast Colleges-Carson
  Carrington College-Stockton
  Carrington College-Citrus Heights
  InfoTech Career College
  Trident University International
  Coastline Beauty College
  Career College Consultants
  San Diego College
  The Art Institute of California-Argosy University-Silicon Valley
  Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Sacramento
  Milan Institute of Cosmetology-Fairfield
  Milan Institute of Cosmetology-Visalia
  Mayfield College
  International Polytechnic Institute
  Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology
  International Professional School of Bodywork
  Borner's Barber College
  Paul Mitchell the School-Pasadena
  San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology
  Laurus College
  Healing Hands School of Holistic Health
  Career Development Institute Inc
  The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Irvine
  The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles
  The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Westwood
  California Nurses Educational Institute
  RWM Fiber Optics
  Paul Mitchell the School-Sacramento
  Providence Christian College
  National Career College
  ITT Technical Institute-Concord
  Salon Success Academy-Fontana
  Salon Success Academy-Redlands
  San Joaquin Valley College-Hesperia
  Milan Institute-Bakersfield
  Homestead Schools
  InterCoast Colleges-Elk Grove
  Horizon University
  San Diego Culinary Institute
  Beyond 21st Century Beauty Academy
  Academy for Jewish Religion-California
  Angeles College
  Angeles Institute
  Paul Mitchell the School-Temecula
  Kaplan College-Chula Vista
  InterCoast Colleges-Roseville
  West Coast University-Orange County
  West Coast University-Ontario
  Northern California Institute of Cosmetology Inc
  Golden State College of Court Reporting
  Preferred College of Nursing-Los Angeles
  Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences
  SICE Paul Mitchell Partner School
  Cosmo Beauty Academy
  Paul Mitchell the School-Fresno
  Unitek College
  Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
  Southern California University SOMA
  Paul Mitchell the School-East Bay
  ITT Technical Institute-Corona
  ITT Technical Institute-West Covina
  ITT Technical Institute-Culver City
  Touro University Worldwide
  Touro University California
  Heald College-Modesto
  California University of Management and Sciences
  Everest College-Santa Ana
  Milan Institute of Cosmetology-La Quinta
  Cambridge Junior College-Woodland
  Allied American University
  New York Film Academy
  International College of Cosmetology
  Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy-Modesto
  Galaxy Medical College
  American Medical Sciences Center
  Tramy Beauty School
  Santa Ana Beauty Academy
  Elite Cosmetology School
  Bergin University of Canine Studies
  Real Barbers College
  Ashdown College of Health Sciences
  Cinta Aveda Institute
  Southern California Health Institute
  Salinas Beauty College Inc
  Academy for Salon Professionals
  Academy for Salon Professionals
  International College of Beauty Arts & Sciences
  John Paul the Great Catholic University
  ITT Technical Institute-Oakland
  Carrington College-Pomona
  Aveda Institute-Los Angeles
  Coast Career Institute
  Azusa Pacific University College
  International Culinary Center-California
  San Joaquin Valley College-Temecula
  The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law?Santa Barbara
  The University of America
  Marian Health Careers Center-Van Nuys Campus