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Type of school: Private, 369 Harding Road, Yuba City
Director: Mrs. Coreen Hicks

Type of school: Private, 1833 White Oak Drive, Yuba City
Director: Dr. Sandra Combs

Type of school: Private, 3105 Colusa Highway, Yuba City
Director: Mr. Bill Hannold

Type of school: Private, 1980 South Walton Avenue, Yuba City
Director: Mrs. Krista Sloan

Type of school: Private, 200 Clark Avenue, Yuba City
Director: Mrs. Laura Clark

Type of school: Private, 1289 Tulio Street, Yuba City
Director: Mrs. Jessica Barner

Type of school: Public, 1895 Lassen Boulevard, Yuba City
Director: Gayelynn Gayelynn Gerhart,

Type of school: Public, 970 Klamath Lane, Yuba City
Director: Barbara Barbara Hickman,

Type of school: Public, 2351 Pennington Road, Live Oak
Director: Tony Tony Walton,

Type of school: Charter, 2452 El Centro Boulevard, East Nicolaus
Director: Jason Jason Jones,

Type of school: Charter, 2360 Shasta Way, Suite A, Simi Valley
Director: Katrina Katrina Abston,

Type of school: Public, 15898 Central Street, Meridian
Director: Javier Javier Lopez,

Type of school: Public, 3075 Howsley Road, Pleasant Grove
Director: Dave Dave Tarr,

Type of school: Public, 17451 Pepper Street, Robbins
Director: Laurie Laurie Goodman,

Type of school: Public, 1700 Camino de Flores, Yuba City
Director: Lee Lee McPeak,

Type of school: Charter, 840 Cooper Avenue, Yuba City
Director: Stephen Stephen Montana,

Type of school: Public, 801 El Margarita Road, Yuba City
Director: Tom Tom Reusser,

Type of school: Public, 301 Stewart Road, Yuba City
Director: Tom Tom Walters,

Type of school: Public, 1799 Camino de Flores, Yuba City
Director: Elisabeth Elisabeth Davit,

Type of school: Public, 1875 Clark Avenue, Yuba City
Director: Jennifer Jennifer Cates,

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