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Type of school: Private, 22751 Bray Road, Willits
Director: Mrs. Lynal Ingham

Type of school: Private, 8975 Flynn Creek Road, Comptche
Director: Mr. Stephen Parker

Type of school: Private, 30660 Navarro Ridge Road, Albion
Director: Mr. Todd Brockmeier

Type of school: Private, 991 South Dora, Ukiah
Director: Mrs. Mary Leittem Thomas

Type of school: Private, 180 Stipp Lane, Ukiah
Director: Mr. Albert Miller

Type of school: Private, 8555 Uva Drive, Redwood Valley

Type of school: Private, 2001 Talmage Road, Ukiah

Type of school: Private, 6280 Third Street, Calpella

Type of school: Public, 1011 Low Gap Road, Ukiah
Director: Barbara Barbara Bloom,

Type of school: Public, 585 Low Gap Road, Ukiah
Director: Merry Merry Catron,

Type of school: Public, 2240 Old River Road, Ukiah
Director: Merry Merry Catron,

Type of school: Public, 250 South Sanderson Way, Fort Bragg
Director: Coni Coni Belli,

Type of school: Charter, 76350 Main Street, Covelo
Director: Tina Tina Wilson,

Type of school: Charter, 555 Leslie Street, Ukiah
Director: Rima Rima Meechan,

Type of school: Public, 1000 Low Gap Road, Ukiah
Director: Antonio Antonio Lopez,

Type of school: Charter, 1059 North State Street, Ukiah
Director: Elna Elna Gordon,

Type of school: Charter, 241 Ford Road, Ukiah
Director: Celeste Celeste Beck,

Type of school: Charter, 16201 North Highway 101, Willits
Director: Ann Ann Kelly,

Type of school: Charter, 405 East Commercial Street, Willits
Director: Kara Kara McClellan,

Type of school: Public, 120 North Main Street, Willits
Director: Jeffery Jeffery Ritchely,

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