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List of elementary schools in the California. They are sorted by location.

Type of school: Public, 300 Eleventh Street, Williams
Director: Denise Denise Conrado,

Type of school: Public, 1404 E Street, Williams
Director: Lynda Lynda Nichols,

Type of school: Charter, 6520 Oak Dell Road, El Dorado
Director: David David Publicover,

Type of school: Public, 7701 Silva Valley Parkway, El Dorado Hills
Director: Barbara Barbara Narez,

Type of school: Charter, 2391 Merrychase Drive, Cameron Park
Director: David David Roth,

Type of school: Charter, 4645 Buckeye Road, Shingle Springs
Director: Kim Kim Zawilski,

Type of school: Charter, 7006 Rossmore Lane, El Dorado Hills
Director: Karl Karl Zierhut,

Type of school: Charter, 3060 Snows Road, Camino
Director: Boyd Boyd Holler,

Type of school: Public, 3171 Pleasant Valley Road, Placerville
Director: Shirleen Shirleen MacKenzie,

Type of school: Public, 4801 Luneman Road, Placerville
Director: Joe Joe Murchison,

Type of school: Public, 6020 Omo Ranch Road, Somerset
Director: Grant Grant Coffin,

Type of school: Public, 1095 San Bernardino Avenue, South Lake Tahoe
Director: Joel Joel Dameral,

Type of school: Public, 7680 South Shingle Road, Shingle Springs
Director: Natalie Natalie Miller,

Type of school: Public, 6701 Green Valley Road, Placerville
Director: Lisa Lisa Frustaci,

Type of school: Public, 1100 Thompson Way, Placerville
Director: Rachelle Rachelle Ball,

Type of school: Public, 3371 Brittany Way, El Dorado Hills
Director: Judy Judy Chance,

Type of school: Public, 2561 Francisco Drive, El Dorado Hills
Director: Michele Michele Miller,

Type of school: Public, 3880 Green Valley Road, Rescue
Director: Dustin Dustin Haley,

Type of school: Public, 2380 Bass Lake Road, Rescue
Director: Kathy Kathy Miracle,

Type of school: Public, 2240 Sailsbury Drive, El Dorado Hills
Director: Bruce Bruce Peters,

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10947 South Valley Home Avenue, Whittier
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562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
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International Christian School
562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
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