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Elementary school Delta Sierra

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List of elementary schools in the California. They are sorted by location.

Type of school: Charter, 444 North American Street, Stockton
Director: Kat Kat Ellison,

Type of school: Charter, 600 East Main Street, Stockton
Director: Doug Doug Wacker,

Type of school: Charter, 51 East Beverly Place, Tracy
Director: Virginia Virginia Stewart,

Type of school: Public, 535 Mabel Josephine Drive, Tracy
Director: Jeanine Jeanine Wilson,

Type of school: Public, 1370 Parker Avenue, Tracy
Director: Nancy Nancy Link,

Type of school: Public, 800 West Carlton Avenue, Tracy
Director: Carla Carla Washington,

Type of school: Public, 2875 Holly Drive, Tracy
Director: Fred Fred Medina,

Type of school: Public, 500 West Mount Diablo Road, Tracy
Director: Ramona Ramona Soto,

Type of school: Public, 1550 Cypress Drive, Tracy
Director: Lisa Lisa Beeso,

Type of school: Public, 1750 West Kavanagh Avenue, Tracy
Director: Cindy Cindy Sasser,

Type of school: Public, 1701 South Central Avenue, Tracy
Director: William William Maslyar,

Type of school: Public, 350 East Mount Diablo, Tracy
Director: Tammy Tammy Christensen,

Type of school: Public, 1280 Dove Drive, Tracy
Director: Andrea Andrea Silva,

Type of school: Public, 2421 West Lowell Avenue, Tracy
Director: Karen Karen Alcorn,

Type of school: Public, 300 East Legacy Drive, Mountain House
Director: Ryan Ryan Gonzales,

Type of school: Public, 570 Escuela Drive, Mountain House
Director: Debbie Debbie Wingo,

Type of school: Public, 543 North Montebello Street, Mountain House
Director: Lemuel Lemuel Vergara,

Type of school: Public, 452 West Saint Francis Avenue, Mountain House
Director: James James Yeager,

Type of school: Public, 16555 West Von Sosten Road, Tracy
Director: Kevin Kevin Simas,

Type of school: Charter, 3200 Tully Road, Modesto
Director: Mike Mike Ruehle,

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10947 South Valley Home Avenue, Whittier
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562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
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International Christian School
562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
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