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Elementary school North Coast

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List of elementary schools in the California. They are sorted by location.

Type of school: Public, 1720 Arlington, Crescent City
Director: Lara Lara Hirt,

Type of school: Charter, 1730 Janes Road, Arcata
Director: Beth Beth Wylie,

Type of school: Charter, 470 Union Street, Arcata
Director: John John Schmidt,

Type of school: Charter, 1611 Peninsula Drive, Arcata
Director: Bryan Bryan Little,

Type of school: Charter, 1897 S Street, Arcata
Director: Bettina Bettina Eipper,

Type of school: Public, 269 Big Lagoon Park Road, Trinidad
Director: Rea Rea Erickson,

Type of school: Public, 38717 Kneeland Road, Bridgeville
Director: Beth Beth Anderson,

Type of school: Public, 300 Wilder Road, Carlotta
Director: Blaine Blaine Sigler,

Type of school: Public, 75 Greenwood Heights Drive, Eureka
Director: Thom Thom McMahon,

Type of school: Public, 2200 Freshwater Road, Eureka
Director: Michael Michael Quinlan,

Type of school: Charter, 1617 Old Arcata Road, Bayside
Director: Catherine Catherine Stone,

Type of school: Public, 11500 State Highway 96, Hoopa
Director: Rose Rose Francia,

Type of school: Public, 38016 Highway 96, Orleans
Director: Aran Aran Ruiz,

Type of school: Public, Highway 169, Pecwan
Director: Aran Aran Ruiz,

Type of school: Public, 730 North Highway 96, Willow Creek
Director: Sandra Sandra Moon,

Type of school: Public, Weitchpec Route, Hoopa
Director: Aran Aran Ruiz,

Type of school: Public, 700 Loleta Drive, Loleta
Director: John John Sutter,

Type of school: Public, 3940 Dows Prairie Road, McKinleyville
Director: Kevin Kevin Scheffler,

Type of school: Public, 2395 McKinleyville Avenue, McKinleyville
Director: Teri Teri Waterhouse,

Type of school: Public, 120918 Highway 101, Orick
Director: Wendy Wendy Platt,

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