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List of intermediate, middle and junior high schools in the California. They are sorted by location.

Type of school: Charter, 401 Pacific Avenue, Alameda
Director: Matt Matt Huxley,

Type of school: Charter, 2023 Eighth Street, Berkeley
Director: Victor Victor Diaz,

Type of school: Public, 3951 East Avenue, Livermore
Director: Josh Josh Swerdlow,

Type of school: Public, 1701 El Padro Drive, Livermore
Director: Susan Susan Sambuceti,

Type of school: Public, 5757 Haggin Oaks Avenue, Livermore
Director: Pat Pat Avilla,

Type of school: Public, 31604 Alvarado Boulevard, Union City
Director: Jesus Jesus Varela,

Type of school: Public, 2801 Hop Ranch Road, Union City
Director: Mireya Mireya Casarez,

Type of school: Charter, 991 14th Street, Oakland
Director: Lolita Lolita Jackson,

Type of school: Charter, 301 12th Street, Oakland
Director: Angela Angela Ortega,

Type of school: Charter, 3400 Malcolm Avenue, Oakland
Director: Devin Devin Krugman,

Type of school: Charter, 3001 International Boulevard, Oakland
Director: David David Camarena,

Type of school: Charter, 3637 Magee Avenue, Oakland
Director: Maya Maya Woods-Cadiz,

Type of school: Charter, 2005 Via Barrett, San Lorenzo
Director: Salome Salome Portugal,

Type of school: Public, 3601 Kohnen Way, Dublin
Director: Sheryl Sheryl Sweeney,

Type of school: Public, 6800 Penn Drive, Dublin
Director: Kevin Kevin Grier,

Type of school: Public, 4900 Valley Avenue, Pleasanton
Director: Ken Ken Rocha,

Type of school: Public, 5001 Case Avenue, Pleasanton
Director: Aileen Aileen Parsons,

Type of school: Public, 4433 Willow Road, Pleasanton
Director: Terry Terry Conde,

Type of school: Public, 401 American Avenue, Brentwood
Director: Kelly Kelly Manke,

Type of school: Public, 140 Birch Street, Brentwood
Director: Kirsten Kirsten Jobb,

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Primanti Montessori School- Whittier
10947 South Valley Home Avenue, Whittier
International Christian School
562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
Sample school just4web
562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
Sample school just4web
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