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List of intermediate, middle and junior high schools in the California. They are sorted by location.

Type of school: Public, 5657 Recreation Dr, Paradise
Director: Frederick Frederick Light,

Type of school: Charter, 6473 Clark Road, Paradise
Director: Chris Chris Reid,

Type of school: Public, 2255 Sixth Street, Oroville
Director: Rochelle Rochelle Simmons,

Type of school: Public, 2080 Sixth Street, Oroville
Director: Susan Susan Bowman,

Type of school: Public, 581 Jackson Street, Gridley
Director: Cindy Cindy Kershaw,

Type of school: Public, 1125 Sycamore Street, Gridley
Director: Clint Clint Johnson,

Type of school: Public, 401 American Avenue, Brentwood
Director: Kelly Kelly Manke,

Type of school: Public, 140 Birch Street, Brentwood
Director: Kirsten Kirsten Jobb,

Type of school: Public, 855 Minnesota Avenue, Brentwood
Director: Russell Russell Cornell,

Type of school: Public, 14301 Byron Highway, Byron
Director: Kelly Kelly Basmagian,

Type of school: Public, 1099 Pomona Street, Crockett
Director: Annie Annie Flores-Aikey,

Type of school: Public, 3455 School Street, Lafayette
Director: David David Schrag,

Type of school: Public, 265 Boyd Road, Pleasant Hill
Director: Kevin Kevin Honey,

Type of school: Public, 2012 Carion Court, Pittsburg
Director: Angela Angela Stevenson,

Type of school: Public, 333 Yosemite Drive, Pittsburg
Director: Anthony Anthony Molina,

Type of school: Public, 2301 Range Road, Pittsburg
Director: Eric Eric Peyko,

Type of school: Charter, 3200 Barrett Avenue, Richmond
Director: Rocio Rocio Gonzalez-Frausto,

Type of school: Charter, 2925 Technology Court, Richmond
Director: Jim Jim Trombley,

Type of school: Public, 11611 East Branch Parkway, San Ramon
Director: David David Bolin,

Type of school: Public, 6400 Main Branch Road, San Ramon
Director: Susan Susan Goldman,

TOP schools
International Christian School
562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
Sample school just4web
562 Lewelling Boulevard, San Leandro
Sample school just4web
Primanti Montessori School- Whittier
10947 South Valley Home Avenue, Whittier
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