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Middle / Junior high school Sonoma

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List of intermediate, middle and junior high schools in the California. They are sorted by location.

Type of school: Public, 129 South Washington Street, Cloverdale
Director: John John Ortiz,

Type of school: Public, 700 Bantam Way, Petaluma
Director: Renee Renee Semik,

Type of school: Public, 800 Riesling Road, Petaluma
Director: Emily Emily Dunnagan,

Type of school: Charter, 2707 Francisco Avenue, Santa Rosa
Director: Diana Diana Drew-Ingham,

Type of school: Public, 7165 Burton Avenue, Rohnert Park
Director: Ashley Ashley Tatman,

Type of school: Charter, 725 Bloomfield Road, Sebastopol
Director: David David Fichera

Type of school: Public, 700 Bantam Way, Petaluma
Director: Rebecca Rebecca Lofton

Type of school: Public, 2480 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa
Director: Linsey Linsey Gannon

Type of school: Public, 3500 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa
Director: Rachele Rachele Cunningham

Type of school: Public, 4650 Badger Road, Santa Rosa
Director: Matt Matt Marshall

Type of school: Public, 500 E Street, Santa Rosa
Director: Kathy Kathy Coker

Type of school: Public, 2750 West Steele Lane, Santa Rosa
Director: Laura Laura Hendrickson

Type of school: Public, 17805 Arnold Drive, Sonoma
Director: William William Deeths

Type of school: Public, 1150 Broadway, Sonoma
Director: Mary Ann Mary Ann Spitzer

Type of school: Charter, 1685 Water Trough Road, Sebastopol
Director: Catherine Catherine Bosch

Type of school: Public, 5164 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park
Director: Laurie Laurie Mason

Type of school: Public, 9500 Brooks Road South, Windsor
Director: Shannyn Shannyn Vehmeyer

Type of school: Public, 315 Grant Street, Healdsburg
Director: Bill Bill Halliday

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