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Middle / Junior high school San Bernardino

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List of intermediate, middle and junior high schools in the California. They are sorted by location.

Type of school: Public, 1885 East Lynwood Drive, San Bernardino
Director: William William Prudhomme

Type of school: Public, 3800 Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino
Director: Kristen Kristen Bicondova

Type of school: Public, 455 South K Street, San Bernardino
Director: Natalie Natalie Raymundo

Type of school: Public, 2299 North G Street, San Bernardino
Director: Berenice Berenice Rios

Type of school: Public, 1050 North Delrosa Drive, San Bernardino
Director: Marlene Marlene Bicondova

Type of school: Public, 1250 North Medical Center Drive, San Bernardino
Director: Maria Maria Jauregui

Type of school: Public, 3131 Piedmont Drive, Highland
Director: Arwyn Arwyn Wild

Type of school: Public, 4301 Little Mountain Drive, San Bernardino
Director: Victoria Victoria Flores

Type of school: Public, 34875 Tahoe Drive, Yucaipa
Director: Frank Frank Tucci

Type of school: Public, 72100 School House Lane, Baker
Director: Ronda Ronda Tremblay

Type of school: Public, 13565 Cedar Street, Hesperia
Director: Kelly Kelly Maxwell

Type of school: Public, 10275 Cypress, Hesperia
Director: Lisa Lisa Kelly

Type of school: Public, 17607 Ranchero Road, Hesperia
Director: Isaac Isaac Newman-Gomez

Type of school: Public, 33233 Rabbit Springs Road, Lucerne Valley
Director: Patricia Patricia Courtney

Type of school: Public, 245 West 18th Street, Upland
Director: Aaron Aaron Dover

Type of school: Public, 444 East 11th Street, Upland
Director: Pam Pam Chavira

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